Introducing Better Work, Better Life Habits

This 3-month program is designed to support you in the formation and maintenance of good habits that will serve you well for both living a life that is healthy, balanced and fulfilling, AND doing your best work.

It may be done as a standalone, 3-month experience, or sustained for as long as it serves you: you are free to cancel at any time.

The program comes in 3 different levels, upgrade or downgrade anytime:

Basic - $300/month Plus - $500/month Premier - $700/month
Weekly Mini-Lesson Weekly Mini-Lesson Weekly Mini-Lesson
Daily Good Habits Tracker Daily Good Habits Tracker Daily Good Habits Tracker
Quarterly In-Depth Review Quarterly In-Depth Review Quarterly In-Depth Review
Monthy coaching call Weekly coaching call Weekly coaching call
No Feedback on Habits Weekly Feedback on Habits Daily Feedback on Habits

The Process for Better Work, Better Life Habits

Here’s what you get to expect while working with us:

Your routine 30-minute coaching call

Your routine call will be conducted via Zoom, or by telephone if you prefer. For this routine call:

Every week, you’ll receive a mini lesson on doing your best work while living well

Every day, you’ll receive our Good Habits Tracker form to fill out.

Every quarter, you’ll get a 90-minute call with your coach for an in-depth review.

During this call, together with your coach you will:

Results you can expect from Better Work, Better Life Habits

At the Calm Professional, our work is focused on making progress on two separate 5-point scales: Satisfaction with Work and Satisfaction with Life.

We define these scales as follows:

Satisfaction with Work
  1. I resent my work and am loathe to be there
  2. I find my work tolerable at best, and would happily jump to something better
  3. My work is fine: it’s essentially a means to an end
  4. I do get some joy and satisfaction from the work I do
  5. I love my work and consider it a genuine part of what gives me fulfillment

Satisfaction with Life
  1. I got out of bed this morning because I didn’t die last night
  2. Life is pretty bleak and joyless, I’m trudging along
  3. Things are okay: not great, but there’s some fun to be had
  4. I am generally riding high and not just a little grateful for the life I get to lead
  5. I’m having a lot of fun, feeling healthy and very fortunate

These scales are subjective, yet specific enough to accurately describe the experiences and sentiments that are generally common to working professionals.

What would it be worth for you to move from a 2 to a 3 on either scale? From a 3 to a 4?

We have our participants self-assess on these two scales at the beginning of our program, then again after 3 months. On average, participants who started at a 2 (on either scale) move up that scale to a 3.2. Those who started at a 3 move up to a 3.8.

After a full year with our Better Work, Better Life Habits program, the average gain is 1.4 on the Satisfaction with Work scale and 1.7 on the Satisfaction with Life scale.

Our Results Guarantee

The average lift along our two primary scales of progress across 100s of participants gives us great confidence in our methodology and its ability to work for you, so much so that we offer a 100% money back guarantee for your first month.

This program works when you show up, so fully participate for a month. Full participation means:

If after one month you’d like to drop out (presumably because you are not convinced that this will meaningfully work for you, but whatever reason is fine), simply let your coach know at your next call, show your work up to that point, and you’ll be fully refunded.

It’s as simple as that. After one month you’re going to know how Better Work, Better Life Habits is working for you. And if you decide it’s not worth it after having made the effort, we’ll refund you promptly and go our separate ways, no hard feelings.