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Discovery Call with Katrina

Please take a minute and let me know the answers to the questions below so we can make great use of our time together.


Tell me a bit about you. What do you do?
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What has you reaching out to talk to Katrina today?
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What is your number one challenge when it comes to prioritizing yourself?
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Why do you think you are struggling with this?
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Why does this need to change now? 
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What is your #1 goal for the next 6-12 months?
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The results I help my clients create are priceless, but they do come at a price. Ranging from $300 per month to $1500 per month.  Do you have the financial resources available to invest in yourself?
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And finally... How did you hear about me? If you came through a referral, I'd love to know who referred you so that I can send them a thank you note :)
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Thanks for taking the time to prepare for our session together - I'm looking forward to jump starting the path toward your goal. Speak soon!