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Author Coaching [Single 60-min Session]

Author Coaching for Your Book, Launch + Impact [$100/60min]

So you've got a book in the works -- that's exciting! An author's journey is one of adventure, surprises and rewards, as well as decisions, diligent work and growth. 

Whatever stage your book is in -- ideas, unpolished pages, a full manuscript ready, or published book you're not sure how to sell -- you don't need to go at it alone.

One size doesn't fit all. 

In today's versatile publishing landscape, you have options -- and not all of them will benefit you. I'm passionate about helping emerging authors like YOU discern the best strategies that fit your personality, calling, audience and platform (big or non-existent) -- and spread the message or story God's put on your heart.

In the last 5 years, I've hybrid-published my own non-fiction book and self-published a couple of journals (hybrid/self-published). I've spent hundreds of hours talking with and working with authors, troubleshooting challenges, and researching what works in today's indie publishing world. 
Which area would you like to discuss during your coaching session?:
  • Publishing options: Which type (self-publishing, traditional, hybrid, author services) is best for you? What pros/cons should you consider?
  • Book ideas:  Choose a book idea that you're motivated to write and that is most likely one others will want to read and buy
  • Feedback & perspective: brainstorming or feedback on your book outline, content structure or formatting or an accompanying content design
  • Self-publishing avenues: through Amazon KDP, IngramSpark, or other printers
  • Editing plan: Map your book's editing phases
  • Book proposal outline: Sketch the bones of your book marketing plan that will give you confidence when self-publish or equip your publisher to sell
  • Get it done: Let's figure out what's keeping you stuck in your book progress and how to get the dang thing done
  • Planning your book launch
  • Book marketing strategies
  • Book creation productivity: overcoming self-doubt and impostor syndrome, releasing writer's block, developing a motivating creative rhythm
  • What else is on your mind related to your book? Whatever you want! This session is for YOU.

Who this is for:
This option is best for people who want support understanding a specific aspect of the book industry or process so they can make a decision or progress with their book. You aren't looking for help navigating the whole creating, publishing and launch process -- just a specific step or insight so you can move forward on your own. 
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