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Congratulations on taking this first step! Committing to this coaching process could be the most powerful thing you've done for yourself in a long while. I'm looking forward to supporting you in our time together. The purpose of this worksheet is to help us make the most of our time together. 

What led you to book this coaching package? What is it that you'd like to focus on?
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In what ways do you feel stuck in this area? What have you already tried?
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Is there anything about your life that you feel would be important for me to know? 
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What would make this experience feel worth the investment?
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Have you previously experience counseling or therapy?
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Are you presently in counseling or therapy of any kind?
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Do you have a mental health diagnosis that I should be aware of?
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If you answer yes to a mental health diagnosis, please share your treatment plan:
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How did you hear about this opportunity?
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Thanks for taking the time to prepare for our Discovery Session. I'm looking forward to supporting you. 

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