Productivity Power Session! - Mindfuel Counseling


Power Session! (Wednesday February 28th)

Show up with what you need to do. Leave feeling accomplished!


What:    Productivity Power Session

When:    Friday February 28th

Time:      3pm (MST) / 4pm (CST)/ 5pm (EST)

Duration: 90 minutes 

Where:   Zoom

Cost:      FREE!

*You are permitted to drop-in/ leave at any time.


How It Works

  • This Power session will be guided by professional ADHD Coach Lisa Kaufman.
  •  Lisa will follow the Pomodoro Technique  (a time management method based on 25-minute stretches of focused work broken by five-minute breaks).
  • Show up with concrete task/s you will work on during the power session. 
  • You are permitted to come and go as you wish (the facilitator will monitor the waiting room and admit you when appropriate).
  • Everyone will be on mute. 
  • Option to have camera on or off.
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