1 Month Handholding Package - For Her Empire


1 Month Handholding Package

1 Month Handholding Session

This coaching package is perfect for female entrepreneurs who do not want one-off support but, instead want someone who would be by your side and handhold you for a longer period.

Here's what's included in this coaching package. 
  • 1 x 90 minutes coaching per week
  • 4 Weekly sessions
  • Session notes within 3 hours of each coaching call containing highlights of the call, and a video recording of the coaching session
  • List of action items with deadlines to keep you on track
  • Daily Journal to record your progress, thoughts, and whatever is on your mind that can help me understand your needs
  • Links to resources containing extra information that can help you. Please note that these resources are sent based on our coaching call, your pending action items, and what's written in your daily journal.
  • Audio messages to motivate and keep you accountable when you are having a down day
  • Check-in emails
  • Pre-coaching session worksheets
  • Post-coaching session worksheets
  • Welcome Starter Kit
  • The Business Fixer: Fix Your Business in 72 Hrs. (Course)

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