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Thanks for showing interest in BRAINSTORMING how we can address your pastoral needs.  

This is to help me be aware your your needs as a pastor.

This also prepares me for our Brainstorming Session.  

For which church,  organization, or group is this? 
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Regarding PASTORAL COUNSELING for COUPLES, what areas are a challenge for you?
{"type":"checkbox","name":"__generic","width":100,"value":"","size":"Normal","validation":"C1","validationMessage":"Please check at least one item.","options":"Communication and conflict resolution\nEmotional Intimacy\nHigh libido / low libido\nPhysical Intimacy\nPeople are too timid to come forward\nPeople feel shame to discuss what they consider taboo\nNot enough time\nOther"}

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Are there any specific needs or concerns you wish to address?
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Thanks for taking the time to do this!  I look forward to our  brainstorming session to learn what your church or organization's needs are.