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Welcome to empowerment coaching! Congratulations on taking this important step in your development journey! We are excited to partner with you. 


Our purpose is to serve as a catalyst for positive change to maximize your personal and professional potential. The essence of professional coaching is supporting individuals to get unstuck from a dilemma or challenge and transfer the learning from the coaching forum into pursuit of opportunities and dreams that generate higher personal and professional fulfillment. As our individual lives unfold, we each begin to seek our unique purpose. In the process of discovery and fulfillment of a declared purpose, we each develop specific habits, patterns of interaction, a personal style or way of relating to life choices and environments. 


Sometimes these habitual behaviors create a “familiarity” that causes a loss in objectivity of how one relates to others and to a personal vision that is satisfying and authentic. We may become disconnected from other people and find our sense of perspective distorted. At other times, planned and unplanned change brings those habits and ways of living into question. Expectations for professional achievement rise, challenging an individual to adopt a new style or perhaps an expanded level of capability and contribution. At the same time desire for personal satisfaction is heightened and often generates frustration in the competition between personal and professional aspirations. A great deal of energy is expended toward bringing ideas, emotions and actions into unity or at least synergy.


Asking the questions “is this all there is?” or “what’s next?” or “is this truly how I want to live my life?” are signals of a new stage of life seeking to emerge. Simple questions that open interior doorways of profound self-discovery through reflective noticing and conscious naming of the unique essence of an individual that seeks to express completely.


Coaching restores a person’s understanding of personal essence, the core of who they are and how that activates choice for another relationship to life, one that releases a greater sense of effortless vitality. Once brought into awareness and clarity, generative living generates moments of ecstasy when one knows oneself through and through, never alterable by anyone else or any condition in life.


Preparation for coaching sessions

This section is central to the launch of our coaching partnership. it helps establish a personal relationship with me as your coach. It also assists us in creating thoughtfulness about the direction for our coaching process. You are encouraged to give this section a great deal of attention as you record responses to any and all questions that resonate with what is calling you toward a coaching relationship.


1. Please make all appointments on time or notify me at least 24 hours in advance to reschedule. 

2. Give you the space to work comfortably, avoid disturbances and distractions and feel calm and un-pressured to get onto a call or leave a call. Be selfish! Manage your time to make the most of the coaching session experience. 

3. Be honest. My job is to support you in those actions YOU have chosen for yourself. Please use me as a safe place to look at what stops you from taking action. 
4. Sometimes I may ask questions which may seem probing. Look right now and decide if you can give me full permission to be bold and forthright in all our interactions. 
5. Determine whether your goal is one you are absolutely certain you are ready to begin making happen NOW.



Please take some time to reflect on the following questions before our initial session:


What value do you believe coaching will have for you? What are you coaching goals?


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What do you consider to be your key strengths?

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What skills or capacities are you looking to develop or enhance?

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What are the areas in your life that are causing the most stress, tension or friction?

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What is one thing you want me to know about you?

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Tell me what works and what doesn't work in having someone support you?

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