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Congratulations on taking this first step! Committing to this 1hr self insight session, it can be a great start for self growth. I'm looking forward to giving you results in our time together. The purpose of this Worksheet is to come to the session with some preparation so we can make the most of our hour together. 

To answer the below questions, please think of a recent situation that caused an unexpected emotional response from you (anger, anxious, defeated, depressed, disrespected, frustrated, etc)

What was the circumstance?
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What outcomes were you expecting?
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How were you feeling before the event? During? After? Describe briefly what happend
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Who else was there? What did they say? How did you react or respond to that situation?
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Thanks for taking the time to prepare for you self insight session - I'm looking forward to jumpstarting uncovering and overcoming limiting beliefs . Speak soon!