Awaken to a Blissful and Purposeful Life Discovery Session - Gentle Heart Yoga and Wellness


Awaken to a Blissful & Purposeful Life Discovery Session with Yulia

Are you ready to step fully into your authentic power and purpose?

This complimentary discovery session is designed for you to connect to your heart and receive clarity about what you most deeply desire in your life and what the challenges are that you are facing that prevent you from going fully after your dreams. 

Yulia will create a completely confidential, safe and non-judgmental environment for you to be honest with yourself about what your heart is truly longing for. 

During this session you will: 
  • Become clear about what your dreams are. 
  • Identify the challenges and blocks that are holding you back from living your dreams.
  • Receive Yulia's professional recommendation about your next steps to bring the shift that you are desiring.
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