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Please complete this worksheet before our appointment. Regardless of what your product is, this planning sheet will help me understand exactly your situation, and the strategy needed to get there. The information is STRICTLY confidential & will not be shared with anyone.

  1. What Product(s) do you, or are you planning to sell?
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 2. If you have not yet opened a shop, please share your plan for the shop & timeframe that your hoping to accomplish your goals by:
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3. If you have opened an Etsy shop, but it's currently sold little or nothing and is "stuck", please explain if your aware of any reason for this:
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4. How many listings do you have or are planning to have?

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5. Name or link of your Etsy Shop (if you have one):

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6. How many sales for all time in your Shop?

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8. How many visits for all time in your Shop?

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9. Net Profit per sale (how much do you earn after all the expenses?) 

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10. How much would you like your monthly income to be from your Etsy Shop?

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11. What date would you like to reach this ideally?

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12. What is your rough average monthly income currently in your Shop?
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13. Are you prepared to invest to reach Income goals?

{"type":"radio","name":"__generic15","width":100,"value":"","size":"Normal","validation":"C1","validationMessage":"Please make a selection for this item.","options":"Yes- I would like to start right away if I understand what is involved, and if it's possible to reach my income goals or higher within a reasonable period of time (This is the most important goal I would like to reach)\nPossibly, but I'm limited in time because I have another job/obligations, etc... however, if I can reach my income goal by the time I mentioned- then, I would absolutely think twice about it.\nNo (I'm just fact-finding right now to see what options are available)\nIn a couple of months\nIn a couple of weeks"}

15. Will the main decision-makers be at our meeting? 

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16. What kind of situation currently describes you right now?

{"type":"checkbox","name":"__generic16","width":100,"value":"","size":"Normal","validation":"","validationMessage":"Please check at least one item.","options":"I feel like I have tried everything & spent so much time in my Etsy shop already & haven't seen hardly any results- so I'm naturally skeptical. However, I keep on hearing about Etsy shops that do awesome right away, so I feel like I'm in the dark about what it really takes to be successful, but possibly, there may be a way, with some professional help.\nI live a busy life & don't have time to search the internet to find good ideas. I know I can find the ideas if I just searched a little, but I don't have the time or patience with growing that way & need a better path forward.\nI live a busy life & would prefer to review the options available, make the decisions & hire out all the work that needs to be done to get where I need to be. I already have staff & they will do the work.\nI live a busy life & want to know the best ideas on how to grow my shop, and am willing to hire others to get to my goals\nI live a busy life & want to know the best ideas on how to grow my shop, and am willing to hire others to get to my goals using,, or Also, if I could be trained on how to hire others to do the work on these platforms, and it wouldn't cost an arm and a leg, then- yes! I would prefer that.\nI'm 100% DIY kinda person in my Etsy Shop, and just want to be directed on how to do it. I'll take it from there.\nI'm prepared to do whatever it takes to reach my goals- just let me know what to do, and I'm in!"}

17. Please name any Etsy tools you currently use & are proficient at? (Even 3rd party apps that connect websites etc...)
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18. How did you hear about us?

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 19. If you answered "other" for question 18, please enter what the "other" was:)

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20. Please check box beside any sales channel you are currently using:
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21. How much do you think the program will cost?
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Thanks for finishing this questionnaire [clientFirstName], please save and complete this worksheet.

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Brad & Melissa MacDonald