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Congratulations on taking this first step! Committing to this 45-minute sample session could be the best thing you've done for yourself in a long time. I'm looking forward to the insights and actions we come up with! The purpose of this Worksheet is to give me some context for YOU and what you're dealing with so our time is the most effective it can be. 
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Why are you considering coaching? 
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What would your life look like if you were not struggling with this?
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What gets in your way of accomplishing your goals?
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We will have about 30 minutes of coaching in this sample session - then time for questions. I want you to experience a typical coaching conversation. What specific thing are you struggling with now that we could dive into?{"type":"textarea","name":"__generic","width":100,"value":"","size":"Normal","validation":"","validationMessage":"Please fill in this item.","height":80,"placeholder":""}

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. I'm looking to meeting you and some great conversation!