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Pocket Coaching

30 days of asynchronous writing coaching - like having a writing coach in your pocket

If you ever need someone to walk alongside you while you're working on a writing project, then asynchronous writing coaching is for you. Asynchronous writing coaching is a great way to ask for and receive feedback on your writing - on your schedule - and to give yourself time to think, process, and respond without the pressure of synchronous interactions. 

Pocket Coaching provides you with a review of up to 2000 words and email Q&A.

Those 2000 words equal about 8 pages of writing. How you choose to divvy up those 2000 words is up to you. Below are some examples.
  • You can send me a 2000 word academic paper you're working on.
  • You can send me multiple small (250 words, for example) academic assignments.
  • Maybe you have a few pages of a nonfiction piece you would like me to review.
  • Perhaps you're working on a novel and would like feedback on your first few pages.
A writing review is not the same as copy editing or proofreading. Unlike copy editing and proofreading, I do not promise you a technically flawless piece of writing. I know that may sound unusual, but what I offer instead is even better.

In my review I will look at your organization, argument, thesis, audience, purpose, development and other higher order concerns. I will also look at other concerns like sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling. With those concerns, I will mark a few of them and then teach you how to find and fix your patterns of error for yourself.

Additionally, I will write an overview of your writing, letting you know what you're doing well, what you can improve, how you can improve, and ideas for what to try next.

So my writing review will not fix everything in your writing, but it will empower you to become a better writer and to clearly use your unique voice in your written communication.

Additionally, you can email me your writing questions and concerns. Below are some examples.

  • Maybe you're wondering how to overcome writer's block.
  • Maybe you need help deciphering feedback from your dissertation committee.
  • Maybe you need help fleshing out an idea.
Pocket Coaching is a safe place to pour out your heart and share your burden. I will prayerfully read your emails and respond to what I believe are the most pressing issues.

I may respond with questions. Or maybe suggestions. I might recommend a book or article. Perhaps a journaling exercise. I may present you with biblical scriptures to ponder. I might suggest trying something new and incorporating some creativity into your life. Perhaps I'll give you a worksheet to complete or a video to watch.

My response to you will be tailored to you and your individual situation. And together we will explore how to uncover the root of whatever is going on and create a path for you to move forward in a way that cares for you and honors your values.

Benefits of pocket coaching
  • affordability 
  • flexibility (email when it's convenient for you)
  • no need to stress about finding time for Zoom appointments
  • lessen Zoom fatigue
  • wait time to think before responding
  • ability to compose your thoughts through reflection and deliberation before responding
  • precise and clear communication
  • written record of the coaching process
    • allows for review of questions, answers, commitments, and follow-through
    • document of progress over time
  • greater commitment and accountability and follow-through when writing down goals and action steps
  • an ongoing conversation over time allows for development and growth
  • cultivate a regular writing habit
  • many of the benefits of journaling
Who is pocket coaching for
  • people with busy schedules
  • people who prefer to carve out small to moderate chunks of time rather than large ones
  • people on tight budgets
  • people with anxiety
  • introverts
  • people who communicate better through writing than talking
  • people who appreciate time and opportunity to think and reflect
  • people who prefer to reach out for help as issues and challenges arise instead of waiting weeks for a scheduled session
  • people who prefer frequent communication
  • people who prefer emails to phone calls
  • people with Zoom fatigue
Pocket Coaching Guidelines
  • Feel free to express what you need to express in each email. I will respond to what I feel is the most pressing issue, even if that means I don't respond to something you directly asked. I'm here to help you get to the heart of the matter so you can move forward.
  • Please share your writing as a Google Doc.
  • Please include an assignment sheet if there is one and any information regarding expectations of your writing.
  • Please remember this is asynchronous coaching only. We will not have any Zoom calls.
  • Please be mindful that you control your level of involvement. I want to honor your need for contemplation, reflection, space, and time, so I will not reach out. Reach out to me when you're ready.
  • Please reply to our emails in one continuous chain. That way we have a record of our interactions that you can reference when you want a refresher of what we discussed.

Pocket Coaching provides you with 30 days of asynchronous writing coaching that includes up to 2000 words of your written text and email Q&A.

My standard rate to review papers is $.05 per word. So a 2000 word paper review would be $100. A standard paper review does not include 30 days of Q&A, nor does it include the opportunity to send multiple writings within a 30-day window. All those bonuses come to you for free, just for signing up for Pocket Coaching.

Pocket Coaching is a total investment of $99.
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