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Thank you for your application for PEAK's Coaching Scholarship opportunity. We appreciate you taking some time to fill out the application below to determine if this opportunity is a good fit for both of us. 

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Have you had a coach before? If yes, can you describe the experience?
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What questions do you have about the process of coaching?
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What are the areas in your life where you think a coaching experience could be beneficial? 
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What makes this a good time for you to start a coaching partnership?
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What would it be like/feel like if you could remove obstacles, gain clarity and receive support to achieve your goals?
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We will be in touch soon about your application. Following your submission of this application you will be prompted to register with us. The registration allows us to process your application and prepare for possible next steps, but it is not a final confirmation of your acceptance to the program. Thank you!

-Rachel Vandenberg
PEAK Leadership Coaching