Introductory Discovery Consultation - COESSENTIAL

Want to learn more about coaching and what it can do for you? Book your Introductory Consultation with Linda OHanlon here.

Duration: 30 minutes
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Congratulations on taking this first step! Booking this 30-minute discovery session could be the best thing you've done for yourself in a long while. Please answer the questions below to give me some context about YOU, the challenges you are facing and desired outcomes you're looking to achieve. I want our time together to be the most effective possible!


Have you worked with a coach and/or therapist before?

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How would you describe your experience?

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What are you struggling with? 
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What have you tried so far?
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What result or success are you looking for?
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How do you feel coaching can make a difference in this area?
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Why is this important to you?
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What happens if you take NO ACTION in this area, or keep doing what you're doing?
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And finally...what made you decide to take this step forward today?
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Thanks for taking the time to prepare for our call - I look forward to getting to know you more and jumpstarting the path towards achieving your goals. Speak soon!