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Hello and Welcome!

I'm excited to discuss my offerings with you to see if they align with what you're looking for. To make our call as productive as possible, please share a bit about your current situation and your goals.

What are you currently struggling with in your work/life balance? (Check all that apply)

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If you checked the box for "something else", please specify what that is:
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What else has prompted you to seek me out today?

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What matters most to you when it comes to quality of life around work?

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Looking out one year from now, what change in your life do you feel will have been the most important one?

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What does success look like to you in this area?

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What personal strengths or resources can you leverage to overcome challenges?

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What can you do to be in the right frame of mind for our session?

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If you decide to move forward with coaching, what are you hoping to achieve through our work together?

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Thanks for taking the time to prepare for our session – I'm looking forward to helping you kick-start your journey toward your goals.

Talk soon!