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Welcome! Kudos to you for taking the next step! Let's pick a time to 'sit down' for a Virtual Coffee and Chat. Looking forward! Deborah

Duration: 25 minutes
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Welcome client

Kudos to you for taking this step to engage with Deborah. 

She works with emerging leaders and professional, like yourself, to make a greater impact in their life, career and business in a way that creates more confidence. more capacity, and more peace of mind as they do the work of creating the life their soul intended. 

Please take a moment to share a bit of information to pass along to Deborah.  

How did you learn about her services? 

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Is this inquiry for yourself, for a team member that you are referring, or for a colleague or family member? 

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If your goals are in any way career transition-related, please include a link to your LinkedIn page here otherwise skip:

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Video Conference

Deborah conducts all of her initial conversation via Zoom. Your appointment confirmation will contain a Zoom Link. 

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Meeting and Communication Expectations 

If you and Deborah should both agree that partnering to achieve your personal/professional goals is an excellent idea, you would begin a recurring 4 week retainer with Deborah, scheduling sessions and conversations with Deborah as needed to obtain the results you've agreed upon.

Deborah focuses on your getting the results you seek.  Between sessions or if not available to schedule a session in a given week, remember, as a private client, not to let that hold you back.  You may reach out to Deborah with any questions, challenges or insights 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Deborah responds to you privately, Monday through Friday within a day, usually in the AM hours. 

Deborah intentionally limits her roster of clients so that each of her private clients gets the support they need to build and maintain momentum as they make the impact they desire in their live and livelihood. Your commitment to set aside time for yourself and your goals is equally important.   

So, now let's take a look at your bandwidth. 

Willingness: On a scale of 1-10  (10 being the most), how ready are you to kick start your goals?  
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Time: How much time are you willing and able to invest each week in working on bridging the gap between where you are, what you have now, and what you want to create, ascend to, or revamp? 

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What is your schedule usually like? 

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Willingness: On a scale of 1-10  (10 being the most), how ready are you to kick start your goals?  
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If you are willing, please take a few minutes and share with me a bit about what goals you have for yourself that are currently not getting the attention they deserve.  Share a result you'd like to achieve through working with Deborah. 

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Important!: If you need to reschedule. 
Once you've completed this questionnaire, you'll receive a confirmation.   If you need to modify your appointment, please use the link within the confirmation to do so.  It will ask you for your email and to create a password but it will also allow you to reschedule your appointment if desired.    

Appointment Policy

I look forward to being of service to each person that takes the step of asking for support. I will prepare accordingly and invite you to do the same.  

Life can be unpredictable at times, and you may need to reschedule.  It happens. 

If you change/modify your appointment at least 48 hours prior to your appointment. Awesome and no worries! Select the next available spot that works for you. 

If you cancel your appointment without rescheduling within 24 hours of the appointment or miss the session completely, the availability of opportunities to schedule future exploratory conversations will be solely at Deborah's discretion and will require a deposit to secure the appointment of $300.00.

That's Everything for Now!  

We look forward to being of service.  Please feel free to drop me a line at Sayhi@DeborahGuy.Com with any questions. 

Emilyn Corbillon, 
Private Client Services, 
Crossing Bridges Coaching 
Deborah Guy Skriloff