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Welcome to BlaqueRose Coaching and thank you for scheduling your Discovery Call.

The purpose of this application is to allow me to get a better understanding of YOU by exploring your goals, fears and aspirations. 

Additionally in order for me to help you reach your goals I would like to gain a clear understanding of your expectations for the coaching process. 

Take some time review and complete the questions below and we will discuss them further during our scheduled session.

What is the biggest challenge you are facing right now?
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How long have you faced this challenge?
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What fears you the most?
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What would like life look like if you were able to overcome your biggest challenge?
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Review you last answer. Is that REALLY good enough for YOU?
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How do you think Coaching can help you achieve the life you described above?
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How urgent is it for you to fix the challenge you mentioned?
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Working with me requires a low tier four figure investment. Are you ready to invest in yourself so you can finally live a life you love? 
Extended payment plans available. 
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Thank you for completing the BLOOM into Power application. I am sure this will provide me with some good insight on what we should discuss on our upcoming session

Talk to you soon!