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Welcome client,

This exercise is not compulsory to complete before we speak. However, it is a powerful short exercise that will give you quick insights and we can discuss these at our booked time.

Ideally best completed after reading the blog article: Introducing the 3 Vital Questions and the Power of TED pre-read: take me to the pre-read on Susan's website.
Complete these three questions and we will use them as a guide in our conversation.

Question 1: What is the most vexing/annoying/crippling problem or complaint that you currently have in your role or in your personal life? This could be something that drives you crazy on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and is something you would really like to change.

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Question 2: Having read the pre-read, what is the drama role that you find yourself in when experiencing the problem or complaint you have identified? Tick one.

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Question 3: How does this problem or complaint make you feel and what actions do you take when you are experiencing it?

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