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Duration: 30 minutes
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Thanks for applying to join our AdvantEdge Coaching.

By the way, we need to know your best mobile number (with country code) as a back up to connect in case the video conference isn't working, and we need to know the country you are in so that we can double confirm time zones.

Filling in this worksheet is going to help me and you review whether AdvantEdge Coaching is right for you.

As this is your first worksheet from me, I recommend that you block out 20 minutes of uninterrupted time to consider your responses and complete it for this first time.
This also gives you a good idea of how AdvantEdge Coaching works:
Every week, between coaching sessions, you'll complete a 5 question worksheet (you'll soon find it very familiar as it's almost identical to this).
During our discovery session, I'll be digging into your replies and asking you more. You will have time to ask me questions too.

Please reply to every question - give as much detail as you are ready to share. It all helps me and you get the most from our session.

Have you undertaken any form of coaching before?

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If "yes" Tell me more about that:
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What three specific things have you done this past week that you enjoyed doing and/or that you think that you did really well? 

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What is the ONE real challenge for you from this past week or so, that if you improved or changed, would have the greatest positive impact on your performance now?

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What, exactly do you want to get or achieve from coaching now?

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How can I help you?

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Are you ready to commit to learning, development and change over the next year? 

(Remember, it's not an obligation right now, just a signal that you are ready and willing to commit.)

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