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Begin by BMT: Your First Steps to Permanent Weight Loss Transformation


The Begin by BMT program is for you if you're a woman who: 


  • Has a goal of weight loss, particularly 30 or more pounds to lose
  • Doesn't know where to start
  • Is struggling to get "back on track"
  • Is struggling with emotional eating or stress eating ("eating your feelings")
  • Is feeling discouraged because of unsupportive family and/or friends
  • Has been gaining weight due to increased stress and/or anxiety
  • Wants to lose weight but is doubtful of your ability to make it happen
  • Has been advised to lose weight for health but has been unable to take action to get it done
  • Is fearful of trying and failing with weight loss yet again


What's Included:
  • Access to Begin by BMT Video Training (1 video with five simple, effective nutrition tweaks to promote positive mental health and weight loss)
  • 5 days of targeted accountability checks so that you take ACTION to implement one of the tweaks every day 
  • Begin by BMT Final Recap Sheet to celebrate your wins and help you lay out a plan for moving forward to permanent weight loss transformation
  • Access to submit questions about the nutrition of weight loss to Coach Beth

You need to BEGIN to get motivated.


You need to BEGIN to believe in yourself again.


You need to BEGIN to let go of the fear of failing again.


You need to BEGIN to know that weight loss is possible AND that it doesn't have to be overwhelming.


You need to BEGIN to take care of yourself so that you can be the best mom, wife, sister, friend, daughter, etc. that you can be.


Here's the thing: To lose the weight and keep it off for life, you have to simply BEGIN!


**By doing your daily action step, you can start to see positive changes in your mood and attitude about weight loss in just 7 days.  When you BEGIN, you can "get your mind right" for permanent weight loss transformation.**

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