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In order for us to hit the ground running in our call, please tell me a little about your business. This should not take more than 5 or so minutes

Which of the following situations apply to you? I am...
{"type":"checkbox","name":"__generic","width":100,"value":"","size":"Normal","validation":"C1","validationMessage":"Please check at least one item.","options":"I am the Founder or Co-Founder of my business or leader in my organization and will be able to attend coaching sessions in person\nI am a team leader or head of department and struggling to implement a much needed change\nI am struggling to get buy-in from my team in order to execute change\nProjects we are working on are failing because of mis-alignment of goals\nI need to execute a change in direction in the business or company and I am struggling to do so\nIt is difficult for me to get staff members to do what’s expected of them\nI am frustrated because my vision is not being executed according to my expectations\nMy company is great at executing all aspects of strategy\nI am overwhelmed because I am involved in the business on a day-to-day basis and can hardly take a break\nI would like to be able to get everyone focused on the right strategies and tactics that are aligned with our vision\nI do not know if I have the right people in the right seats\nI am facing significant resistance to change in my organization"}


Any other reasons that have led you down the change management support path? 
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Have you ever worked with a change management practitioner before? 

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How long has this change management problem been in existence ?
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Looking out one year from now, what change in your business, organization or department do you feel will have been the most important one? 

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