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John Larson, creator of CoachAccountable

A message from John:

Hey, thanks for visiting! Let me get right to it: I'm a coach, and I'm a coder. I think coaching is amazing, and I think even the most masterfully delivered coaching can be vastly better. Why? Because countless moments of clarity and inspiration get washed away under the humdrum of regular life, and countless action plans are never acted upon.

I've designed CoachAccountable to be an answer to this. To elevate coaching from just great conversations, to one of real structure and accountability. Coachees love this. They are more engaged and follow through with greater regularity, thus they get more results and stick around longer. Because they're being served.

John signed. John Larson
Creator, CoachAccountable

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • "I have all this great coach training, but now what? How do I attract real, paying clients?"
  • "We have amazing calls and my clients are lit up and super thankful, but then they don't do the work and then think it was ME who failed them!"
  • "I hate managing these admin details and would rather just do the part I'm good at: coaching."
  • "I don't want my website to have just the same rosy platitudes—what do I say to be different and have people get it?"
  • "Coaching is still largely misunderstood and seen as woo-woo crap—how do I distance myself from all that?"

If so, you're in the right place.

What does CoachAccountable do?

CoachAccountable allows competent coaches to do their very best work: coaching that's more effective and more approachable.

This coaching platform has been crafted and continuously refined since 2012. It enables coaches to:

Put forth a more compelling offering
Give coaching that's more than just a call and a notebook
Realize better results with their clients
Focus on doing more of what they love

This matters because being certified (at even the highest level) and masterful at all the competencies isn't the full story of being an amazing, results-producing coach:

  • When acronyms ending in "CC" doesn't mean anything to your would-be clients and they're not moved to hire you, your coach training can't make a difference for them.
  • When your motivated-yet-imperfect clients struggle to make space in their life to apply your brilliant coaching, they won't get the full benefit.

What motivates the CoachAccountable endeavor is the fact that coaching doesn't have to be woo-woo and clients doing the work between sessions doesn't have to be left to chance. The institution of coaching is capable of better.

Imagine if:

  • Even the most right-brained and ROI-focused could look at your offering and say "Well that just makes sense."
  • You had a way to keep your clients on track without having to babysit them.
  • Your clients raved because they got big results by actually doing the work.
  • Clients fully valued you because results they got were both documented and obvious.
  • You had a system that put your coaching in a class unto itself: tidy, professional and immaculately well organized.

If this is the kind of coach you want to be (or the kind of coaching organization you want to run), welcome to CoachAccountable.

I am excited to acquaint you with a system that supports and enhances every aspect of the coaching your clients receive.

To your success,

John signed. John Larson
Creator, CoachAccountable

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