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The creation of CoachAccountable, including the process and reasoning behind its design.

John Larson, creator of CoachAccountable

A Dose of Structure and Accountability for a Generally Phenomenal Practice

John Larson, creator of CoachAccountable

Hello! My name is John Larson and I created CoachAccountable. I also regularly build upon it and write about it as I explore deeper into how coaching can be made better with software.

I'd like to share with you why I do this.

I am both a programmer and a coach. In my software development consultancy I routinely find that my skills as a coach immensely aid the consulting work that I do with my clients. Similarly, my perspective as a programmer clues me in to innumerable ways for software to help facilitate the coaching process.

When I coach people, I find that it's generally easy to leave people clear and motivated about their next steps. Heck, half the time they're genuinely stoked. The hard part is getting them to actually follow through during the seven days that follow.

I've experienced countless good ideas fall silently by the wayside, countless moments of clarity and inspiration get washed away under the humdrum of regular life, and countless action plans simply not acted upon and often outright forgotten until I ask how things went the following week.

Any of this sound familiar?

I've designed CoachAccountable to be an answer to this. To elevate coaching from just an exercise in doling out feelgood platitudes, to one of real structure and accountability. A structure in which:

  • action plans are kept in existence,
  • communication and support are regular and fluid,
  • inspiration and clarity is documented,
  • and forward progress is measured.

I find (and I bet you will too) that coachees love this structure. They are more engaged, thus follow through with greater regularity, thus get more results, thus stick around longer, and thus overall have a greater appreciation for the value provided by the coaching.

Like I imagine is the case for you, who has more than a passing interest in the matter, coaching has had a profound impact on the quality and trajectory of my life. My resulting respect for the practice has led me to believe that it is a rather suitable lever by which to expand human potential and, at risk of encroaching upon cliché, make the world a better place.

That coaching remains widely misunderstood and/or not taken seriously both bums me out and seems like a serious missed opportunity. That cheer-leading fluff (rather than results-based approaches) dominates many peoples' perception of coaching seems like a climate that's ripe for shifting.

Through CoachAccountable, a system for supporting actual progress and demonstrating real results, I hope to speed the coaching industry along its path to more mainstream acceptance and participation.

I hope you'll join me, and do so to the delight of yourself and the people you coach.


John signed.
John Larson
Creator, CoachAccountable

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