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Why CoachAccountable?

Here are 3 reasons, in ascending importance:

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Save time and effort

Coaches commonly get bogged down by the day-to-day admin work of running a coaching business, so CoachAccountable automates away the drudge work, freeing you up to do the work you really care about.

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Close more business

It is essential to attract and retain quality clients, so CoachAccountable helps you be professional and demonstrably results-based, enabling you to land more clients and have a thriving business.

The client overview page showing the state of the working relationship.

Give clients more

Coaches often struggle to have their clients do the work to get maximum value, so CoachAccountable keeps your clients moving forward between sessions, giving them more results and thus more value from your coaching.

All together now:

Coaches ultimately aim to attract clients and cause the best possible results for them, so CoachAccountable helps you do both: allowing you to produce the best results, with the most people, giving you a thriving business.

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How it Works

The Gist of CoachAccountable in 2 minutes and 45 seconds:

Since 2012, CoachAccountable has been loved and used by thousands of coaches, from newly-certified individuals to Fortune 100 Companies (and everything in between), to deliver tens of millions of dollars worth of coaching to tens of thousands of individuals, groups and companies.

"By far and away the best coaching platform available today."
"After... switching to CoachAccountable, I became a brilliant coach."
"This is the best software for coaches and I've tried a lot of them."
"I've been a customer since Day 1. Over the years it's become more and more indispensable."
"CoachAccountable is incredible! It has transformed my coaching practice..."
"It has an extensive set of functionality to help coaches go from good to great."
"Coach Accountable is Phenomenal... it has positively transformed the way I work."
"WAY more than a software tool. CA carefully makes updates that align with it's "best use""
"Coach Accountable is awesome. It is truly a game changer when it comes to coaching effectively."
"Best software for 1-on-1 coaching by far. I have tried a lot... there is absolutely no better option."
"Amazing Client Management Solution. It has really allowed me to handle large volumes of clients."
"Coach Accountable gives me a competitive edge. I love it, and more importantly, my clients love it."
"Nothing short of incredible. ...delivers nothing short of first-class service to clients."
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Great Coaching: It's Not Just Your Sessions

Being certified (even at the highest level) and masterful with all the competencies isn't the full story of being a powerful, results-producing coach.

Why is that? Two reasons:


The motivated mere mortals whom you coach face their own challenges applying your coaching to their lives.


If your offering isn’t clear and compelling, you’ll struggle to attract and retain quality clients.


Coaching Results Happen BETWEEN Sessions

"We have amazing calls and my clients are lit up and super thankful, but then they don't do the work, and think it was ME who failed them!"

Coaching that matters is coaching that challenges. You don’t want to babysit clients, but you don’t have to leave their follow-through to chance. There’s a better way to support your clients while keeping them on track, focused, and motivated.

You want your clients raving because they got big results by actually doing the work.

You want clients to fully value you, because the results they got are both documented and obvious.


Coaching is Largely Opaque and Poorly Understood

"I don't want my website to have just the same rosy platitudes—what do I say to be different and have people get it?"
"I have all this great coach training, but now what? How do I attract real, paying clients?"

It’s hard to package the intangible. But coaching, made up of conversations that make a difference, is largely that: intangible. You know your coaching ability is the real deal, but how do you convince someone new to coaching that it’s more than a notebook and a phone call? Coaching doesn’t have to look “woo woo” from the outside; there’s a better way to show off what your clients get when they hire you.

You want even the most right-brained and ROI-focused to look at your offering and say, "Well that just makes sense."

You want a system that puts your coaching in a class unto itself: tidy, professional, and immaculately well-organized.

You see where we're going with this?

Chalk arrow pointing down

Introducing CoachAccountable.

It makes your coaching more approachable and more effective.

Make your coaching so much more than just your sessions.

Follow through is what transforms great coaching into real results. CoachAccountable structures and supports your coaching to cause just that.

With CoachAccountable you give your clients:

  • Tools to track progress and manage coaching plans
  • Timely reminders to maintain momentum
  • A running record of results, materials & insights
  • A mobile app for keeping up on the go

Essentially you give them a comprehensive, supported, and results-driven experience.

An app screenshot of making an Action plan

Enjoy a more thriving coaching practice.

Quality coaching causes real value and clients who are happy to pay for the results they get.

With CoachAccountable:

  • Effective coaching takes fewer hours
  • Clients stay engaged longer
  • Results are easily demonstrated

Essentially you have a system to demonstrably provide more value.

An app screenshot of the client overview page

Coordinate and manage your entire organization.

More than one coach in your outfit? Manage your organization's coaching team with rigorous accountability and oversight at an unprecedented level of detail.

With CoachAccountable:

  • Administrative oversight with clear accountability
  • Hyper-efficient coordinated team coaching
  • Transparent records of coaching effectiveness
  • Shared resources for consistent program quality

Essentially you have a system of true organizational accountability.

An app screenshot of team management functionality

CoachAccountable will Refine the Way You Coach

And do so without interfering with your style and expertise. How? By adding structures that set your clients up to apply the coaching to their lives, long after the session has ended.

CA's Webinar Series will teach you to make your coaching so much more than the conversations themselves, including:

The CoachAccountable
Webinar Series

A Force Multiplier of your Coaching Expertise
pitching prospects and winning clients
sessions where things get created
being an accountable cach
coaching with metrics
the client life cycle
session notes treasure trove
wowing prospects into clients
the coachability factor
setting up like a pro

Here's what our customers say

Real Feedback from Coaches Like You

I've been using CoachAccountable for over a year. We now have all fifteen of our coaches using it. It's by far and away the best coaching platform available today.
Michael Hyatt
Customer since 2019
This offers an excellent experience for my clients and makes my job easier. I wouldn't go back to coaching without CoachAccountable.
Twila Gates
Customer since 2013
Without CA, we were spending three hours a week with clients. Now it’s closer to 30 minutes. We’re able to get more clients, while spending less time, and giving them more value.
Brian Icenhower
Customer since 2017
Customer since Day 1. Over the years it's become more and more indispensable in my business. From keeping detailed records, to tracking activities, keeping clients engaged, and more.
John Kenworthy
Customer since 2012

Questions? We Have Answers!

Is there an app?

Yes! And no. CoachAccountable is a web-based app, meaning it JUST WORKS on devices of all sizes. Nothing to download, install, or update (but you can easily add it to your home screen and, better than a generic app store app, it'll be branded YOUR way).

Can I white label this as my own?

Absolutely, and we encourage it! Customize your colors, logo, and more - plus we even give you a white-labeled login widget, allowing your clients to log in from YOUR website, instead of ours.

That said, CA always and only runs on, so if you need to pretend that your coaching platform is your own proprietary one, CA is not the one for you.

How long does setup take?

We have what we call the 10-minute test to get the basics set up and see how CoachAccountable can streamline your coaching practice. You can go from brand-new customer to selling coaching on your website in under 3 minutes.

Of course, like anything, you can take more time and get more detailed, but generally you’ll be able to get CA up and running for your clients in the span of an afternoon, no joke. This webinar, Setting Up Your CA Account Like a Pro, will show you how.

Will you help me get started?

Happy to, it’s in our mutual best interests to have you successfully using and loving CoachAccountable! You’ll find a detailed and easy-to-follow Getting Started guide when you sign up. There's a robust in-app help center and full-on Knowledge Base, and you’ll reach a real person when you contact support.

Do you have coaching materials and modules for my clients?

Yes! While your coaching style is completely unique, we do pre-load some thoughtful resources into your account. Feel free to use these complimentary Worksheets, Session Note templates, Files, and Courses as-is, or adapt them to make them your own.

How do you compare to other coaching software?

Honestly? We neither know nor care. We’ve learned it’s not useful to keep up with the Joneses when it comes to developing our platform; instead, we simply listen to our customers for what you actually need. Feedback from real coaches on the front lines over the last 11 years has built CA into the sophisticated product it is today. Have a suggestion or question? Get in touch and it will be heard.

Is this available in any other languages besides English?

Sorry, the UI of CoachAccountable is available only in English. However, it's been made to work by many coaches with non-Engligh speaking clients owing to the fact that MOST of the written words they'll see are what you share with them: your worksheets, your notes, your templates. Here's how this works in practice. It also works pretty well to use browser-based translation.

Is this GDPR and/or HIPAA compliant?

CA is fully GDPR compliant AND those data privacy rights are extended to ALL our users worldwide, not just those in the EU. CoachAccountable is not HIPAA compliant (many of the rules proscribed actually undermine client convenience and therefore engagement), so if that is a strict requirement for you you will not be able to use CoachAccountable. We encourage you to check out our rather human and approachable privacy policy, which we proudly stand by. We are proud to NOT do things with your data that are really icky.

How am I billed?

No upfront or setup fees, no contracts, no cancellation hassles. You're billed once a month while your account remains open, and based on the number of clients you have active on your billing date. You can easily deactivate clients anytime. And, if you qualify for a lower-cost plan, we’ll downgrade your account automatically to bill you at that lower level. See more about our fair, no-nonsense attitude in our Terms of Awesome.

Do you take a cut of what my clients pay to me?

Ew, for real? Do some platforms do that?! No. Any fees will just be the normal merchant fees you have set with your payment processor (Stripe, Square or PayPal); CoachAccountable just serves to process those payments on your behalf.

Can I get my data out?

You bet! Holding customer data hostage is weak sauce and companies that do it should be ashamed of themselves (because seriously, it's easy to make data export tools available as a respectful gesture). Any time, for any reason, you can get all of your data out with a few clicks. You can also export a client’s complete record at any time in a pretty and portable format, great for sharing with them or keeping for your own records.

Do you make it hard to cancel?

No, see aforementioned scorn for companies that do nonsense. You’re free to leave anytime, it takes just a couple clicks, and we won’t try to change your mind. Again, this is the stuff of our Terms of Awesome.

Is there an API? Or an integration with Zapier?

Yes and yes. :)

Is there an affiliate program?

There is, we're all about giving the tasteful kickback to those who would be so kind as to spread the love. Here are the details. Do please keep in mind that our referral program is intended for real CA users who genuinely dig and value the platform. You ever have someone tell you you should totally read some book when they themselves haven't even read it? It's super annoying.

How do I get started?

No fuss, just sign up for your no-commitment 30-day trial and dive in! We're here to help as you get underway.

Deliver Sophisticated Programs with Courses and Groups

CoachAccountable's 1-on-1 coaching tools extend to group coaching and coaching courses.

Cause group-level support and accountability like never before

With CoachAccountable Groups you can foster communication, community, and a shared sense of accomplishment.

Group assignments allow members to stay mutually accountable, and Group Metrics allow everyone to know one another's results as well as how the group is performing as a whole.

More about Groups

Deliver high-touch, interactive coaching programs that scale

With CoachAccountable Courses you can design programs that span weeks or months consisting of your tried-and-true material.

Add participants on whatever schedule you choose, and then be as hands-on or off as you like while CoachAccountable does the rest.

More about Courses

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