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Set Up Your CA Account Like a Pro


00:55Panic vs. Possibility
07:47Tangible, Real-World Wins
13:43Mapping out our Setup Tasks
22:30Ready for Business
35:00Ready to Host
40:23Ready to Coach
We know, it's true: CoachAccountable does a LOT, and so it's easy to be overwhelmed on how to get started.

Even if you've been around a while, there STILL might be a bunch of things you've not gotten around to taking advantage of.

In this webinar we get you from a place of panic to a place of possibility, when it comes to the vast (and sometimes intimidating!) capabilities that CA offers. We start from absolute scratch and get to a system that's good to go in service to both your business and your clients. By the end you'll have a road map to get you really started in the space of an afternoon.

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