The CoachAccountable Webinar Series

A Force Multiplier of your Coaching Expertise

The Webinar Series is a collection of in-depth lessons to have CoachAccountable cause the biggest wins possible for you and your clients.

These go far beyond the mere mechanics of using CA, and instead focus on the key mindsets and strategies that allow you and your practice to be truly distinguished.

Running a Better Business

41m 23s

Wowing Prospects into Clients

How do you take mere prospects for your coaching and reliably turn them into enthusiastic paying clients?

In this webinar we'll show you how to use CA to do just that.

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42m 33s

Designing Your Coaching Business Model

Business models may seem stuff of dry MBA-speak, but designing one is actually a richly creative endeavor for coaches.

In this you'll learn how your business model can meet clients wherever they're at, AND allow them to ease in to all you offer.

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41m 50s

Pitching Prospects and Winning Clients

Your clients want to know what they're getting into before they sign on the dotted line.

In this you'll learn how to surface the difference-making details needed to powerfully pitch.

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47m 5s

A Better Coaching Website

Your coaching website (and more broadly your brochure, pitch deck, and other such materials) should leave people thinking "Wow, this looks really great and I want to work with them."

In this you'll learn what you can do to have outward appearances of your coaching looking their best, and set you apart from the ordinary.

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44m 43s

Mastering the Client Life Cycle

The people you work with aren't just your coachees, they are also your customers.

In this you'll learn how to give them the best, most buttoned-up experience that will have them enjoying your professionalism the whole way through.

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Giving your Clients More

34m 30s

Sessions Where Things Get Created

Yes of course, things get created in coaching sessions all the time. Rapport, agreements, alignment, clarity, and so on. But when sessions are just conversations, all those things only Live. Up. Here. [**taps side of the head right around the temple**]

In this webinar we’ll talk about how to actually create tangible things in your sessions, things that will never fade as mere memories, and will give your clients value for their money long after the checks have cleared.

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31m 8s

Being an Accountable Coach

Being accountable as a coach is SO much more that maintaining baseline integrity.

In this you'll learn how to lend greater credibility to your work and set the tone for your clients.

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38m 4s

The Session Notes Treasure Trove

Session Notes may seem boring, but they're not.

In this webinar we break down the art of taking and sharing meaningful notes from your sessions, such that they themselves become a significant part of the value you provide.

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43m 47s

Mastering the Session Cycle

Great coaching isn't just about the sessions themselves.

In this you'll learn how to give your clients more, both in and around those sessions, and with very little time-consuming effort.

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32m 18s

Coaching Action Plans

Brilliant coaching is worthless until acted upon.

Is that true? True or not, it's a powerful place to stand.

In this we cover ways to guide your clients to create AND COMPLETE meaningful action plans.

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33m 25s

The Coachability Factor

In this you'll explore how coachable various people are.

It's tempting to say "Everyone is coachable!" and be done, BUT a more nuanced understanding (one that acknowledges genuine human tendencies) makes you more effective, and with a broader range of people.

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56m 30s

Coaching with Metrics

Even if your style isn't "all about the numbers", your clients almost certainly have several Metrics worth tracking.

In this you'll learn how and why tracking these can be a great part of your service, and how to best support clients in winning games worth playing.

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Using CoachAccountable

30m 11s

Using CA Such That Clients Get More

In this webinar we show how to leverage CA to make your coaching conversations more powerful, more lasting, and more likely to produce results, all to the benefit (and delight) of your clients.

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51m 54s

Set Up Your CA Account Like a Pro

CoachAccountable does a LOT, and so it's easy to be overwhelmed on how to get started.

In this webinar we'll be starting from absolute scratch and getting to a system that's good to go in service to both your business and your clients.

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36m 8s

Harnessing CA's Capabilities for Fun and Profit

CoachAccountable does A LOT. That's great, but it's easy to miss out on gems that you might find genuinely useful.

In this webinar we’ll shine a light on ways to effectively explore all that CA can do so you can use it for all it's worth.

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37m 45s

Collaborating with Admins and Other Coaches

CA enables collaboration, be it for a full-on team or simply coordinating with your VA.

In this you'll learn effective delegation and coordination among team members, and configuring things so that everyone's got just the right level of access.

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63m 49s

The Lowdown on Courses

It may well be you don't offer "courses" as part of the work you do.

But CA Courses, in spite of their limiting name, are actually a general purpose engine of templating, dripping content, and automation.

In this you'll learn how to design and manage them to serve a surprisingly broad range of uses.

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69m 21s

Using Groups

Ditch your Facebook group with confidence.

In this you'll learn to use CoachAccountable Groups to deliver engaging experiences, including group conversation threads, shared assignments, leader boards, and more.

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31m 0s

Designing Worksheets

Worksheets get your clients engaging with the work and materials you provide.

In this you'll learn design principles that make them a pleasure to work on, and rewarding to boot.

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