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CoachAccountable TERMS OF AWESOME.

Most "terms" and "policy" documents are written by lawyers and feature impenetrable jargon with the overarching concern of CYA nit-pickery. They're not necessarily a raw deal for you as the customer, but they're not terribly interesting or useful, either.

These Terms of Awesome are for YOU: the terms that you can expect and demand as a customer of CoachAccountable. They have NOT been run through a legal team and are not meant to hold up in a court of law. Rather, they are meant to hold up in life-as-actually-lived: these are largely an account of how we've been doing business for the last several years, and I figure I may as well publicly document these practices.

Stated here and now in this very public way, THIS is what you can count on as a customer of CoachAccountable [1]:

  1. You can give this system a proper whirl and be given a full 30 days to do so. If you have barely used the system and could use more time, you can ask for it and you'll get it. If you want to dive right in and start actively coaching your hoards of clients on a big, expensive package while you're still in your free trial, you are free to do so to your heart's content without charge.
  2. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time. You will simply be billed for whatever subscription level you're at when your monthly billing date comes around. One click, self-serve, any time. No fuss. No need to pay for upgrading mid-month, and if you downgrade just before your billing date, you'll be charged for that cheaper plan. If you downgrade to be billed at the lower level and then upgrade again right after, the system will lovingly tell you something to the effect of "nice try" and politely give you the option to pay the difference if you truly mean to be at that higher level.
  3. Only the clients you are actively coaching count against your subscription plan. You can always, with just a few clicks, deactivate one or more of your clients to put them on hold and free up space in your account to either add other clients or downgrade to a less expensive plan. You always have full access to the records of deactivated clients, and can reactivate them at any time.
  4. If your trial ends or your payment fails, your account will NOT be purged and your clients will NOT experience any interruption. You'll be kindly asked to render payment before accessing your account again. If putting in your payment info is not convenient at that time, you can opt to have the system let you in temporarily so that you can tend to your coaching immediately and manage payment later.
  5. You will be billed for the cheapest package that your account can fit in. If you could actually fit your active clients into a smaller plan when your billing date comes around, your plan will automatically be downgraded to take advantage of that cheaper price. If you're on the 20-client plan but have only, say, 8 active clients, you will be billed for the 10-client plan, not the 20 client plan.
  6. If you have questions, they will be heard and answered. For so long as it remains practical to do so, you're always one click away from being able to send a message to me, the founder of CoachAccountable. You can typically expect a reply within 24 hours, and often within hours or even minutes (especially if it's waking hours wherever I happen to be when you write[2]). The response will be real, not a canned blurb to stall for time or placate you. You will NOT receive an instantaneous message telling you your message was received or that your message is important to us, or any other hallmarks of soulless automation which would insult your intelligence.
  7. If you have requests or suggestions on how CoachAccountable could be better for you, they will be heard and answered. Indeed, CA is as good as it is in large part thanks to the input of hundreds of coaches like you. Speak up and cast your vote in favor of how you'd like to see the platform grow and evolve. CoachAccountable is a dictatorship but it's a benevolent one. Your participation, while it lacks the power to demand or expect any particular improvement or new feature, can cause substantial influence in what is prioritized and added.
  8. If you need guidance and support in getting going with the platform and using it to its fullest, you will have it. It will be our pleasure to hop on the phone or a screenshare with you, hear about your practice, and accordingly show you around parts of the system likely to be useful to you. This is just as true for folks on the Starter package just beginning their free trial as it is of organizations committed to the platform looking to train their entire coaching team.
  9. If you find a bug, you can expect it to be fixed QUICKLY. Often within minutes of my learning of it when I'm at my computer. Tell me about anything not working as it should, and it will have my immediate attention. As a non-trivial gesture of both thanks for the heads up and sincere apology for the sloppiness, I will most likely give you a few free days on your subscription when you report to me a bug, ESPECIALLY if it adversely affected your business in any way. We do not maintain a bug tracking system for CoachAccountable and have no intention of starting: there's no need to track bugs when they are handled quickly and never get to accumulate.
  10. CoachAccountable will continue to get more sophisticated and comprehensive. You can review the blog to view the trajectory of improvements made over the years, and you can expect more to come. Polished as it may be, CoachAccountable remains a work in progress with more useful goodies to come. See Term 7 for details on how to participate in this process.
  11. Your data is yours, its privacy and security are taken very seriously. If CoachAccountable were to have a data breach, that would rightfully raise the ire of most--if not all--of its users, with repercussions to the business that would be substantial if not devastating. This reality is well understood and acknowledged, and diligence to avoid such calamity is accordingly exercised. As custodian of your data it is technically impossible for some level of access to that data to NOT be possible. The good news is that only one individual has that level of custodial access: me, the founder. I tread very lightly with that access, respectful of the expectation of privacy that you and your clients rightfully have. You own your data, CoachAccountable claims no right to it, and rather instead is just safely storing it for you. You can export it out of CA at anytime.
  12. You can cancel at any time, just a few clicks, self serve, no fuss, no one trying to change your mind. The practice of making a service hard to cancel is offensive and sloppy business. You will suffer no such shenanigans or hoop-jumping here. You'll be welcome to give feedback about your choice to cancel, and you'll be welcome to skip doing so entirely.
  13. If you cancel your account because you haven't been using it much, you're apt to get some sort of refund. I'm all about folks getting their money's worth, so if you haven't logged in for a while save to cancel, we will notice that, be a real person, and give you some of your money back. It's totally against the rules of what's commonly accepted/expected practice and even our own Terms of Service, I don't care. If CA hasn't done you any good for the past few billing cycles, there's no need for me to keep your money and we will have fun bending the rules at our discretion to your benefit.
  14. If you want to put your account on hold but not be billed for it, you can ask for that favor and it will be granted. I can't say we'll keep your account data around indefinitely if you want to cancel, but yeah, we can prevent it from being purged for at least six months if you think you'll be back again. I know full well that it's nicer to pick up from where you left off than to have to start again from scratch.
  15. You will be related to as a person, not a number. Our exchanges will be by phone or plain email. You won't be assigned "case numbers" and you won't be just a trouble ticket to be gotten through in order for a tired staffer to get onto the next one. If you say "thanks" after being helped or getting your question answered, it will be appreciated, not discarded as a distraction from the next support issue in line.

So there you have it. I hope CoachAccountable proves a lovely solution for your needs, and if it does, this is what you can expect in doing business with us.

John signed.
John Larson
Creator, CoachAccountable

  1. Again, not as a legal formality, but as reality. As in if these terms are ever betrayed in your experience, you can complain loudly in any public forum to call out shenanigans and hold CoachAccountable to task for not honoring these very publicly touted terms.
  2. Usually North America, but sometimes not.