CoachAccountable Enterprise Solutions.

Hundreds of coaches? Thousands of participants? Yeah, no problem.

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Streamline and standardize with a gorgeous, easy to use hub for your entire coaching team...

...while delighting stakeholders and the people you coach.

CoachAccountable supports your coachees, empowers your coaches and administrators, and gives confidence and transparency to the people who hire you.

Perhaps most importantly (and surprisingly), CoachAccountable plays an active part of the coaching experience that will delight your coaching participants, and help them get genuinely better results.

A Place for Everyone

Your team, the people who hired you, and the individuals you coach.

Take good care of all of them.

Team Management

CoachAccountable Team Edition lets you add all members of your coaching team and administrative staff.

  • Fine-grained permissions let you set exactly what others are allowed to do and see.
  • Coach-Client Pairing lets you selectively grant access to client records.
  • NO per-seat pricing applies to members of your team.

Company Engagement

CoachAccountable Companies let you manage engagements and delight stakeholders.

  • Invite key personnel to have a live window into how progress is unfolding.
  • Automatically send out routine summaries of key happenings.
  • Agreements and Engagment progress tracking keeps everyone in the know.

Coachee Participation

CoachAccountable client interaction causes participation, lending power and accountability to the process.

  • Action Plans, Metrics, Session Notes: turn powerful conversations into a documented game plan that helps coachees do the work between sessions.
  • Make the process of being coached by you tangible, documented and demonstrably results-based.

Potential Enterprise Deal Breakers

There are a few things that enterprise customers are apt to want that CoachAccountable simply doesn’t have or doesn’t do. They are as follows:

HIPAA Compliance – Ever notice how user friendly the typical health care portal is? CA is well secured in the ways that matter, but doesn’t inject friction into the user experience in order to check regulatory boxes based on legislation drafted in the 90’s.

Single Sign-On – Sorry, not today. If you’re curious about why, this missive from the CA blog goes into great detail.

Big Team – These days CoachAccountable is proudly and calmly run by just one guy. He’s, um, pretty competent. And there is a plan for if he gets hit by a bus. But all the same, that fact can make some folks nervous.

If any of these deal-breakers for you, no worries! In that case, you can safely move on to considering other platforms and not waste any further time here. :)

Enterprise Sales Process

There is none.

Just grab a trial account and you’re on your way.

There’s no sales team to woo and cajole you, no rigmarole of contracts, negotiations, lock-ins, custom builds, or any of that.

Want to talk with someone about the platform?

Grab a trial account first. After 10 minutes of exploring we can schedule a call. (CoachAccountable not compelling enough at this point to warrant that level of exploration? No worries! Let’s hold off on talking until it is. :)

Have concerns about security?

Review the CoachAccountable Security page, and reach out if you have any further questions.

Want to negotiate pricing?

No need: the same transparent, predictable pricing for all. This isn’t some 6- or 7-figure deal; this is a 4-, maybe 5-figure deal. One Fortune 100 company described doing business with CoachAccountable fiscally akin to “buying a box of staples”.

Want to negotiate terms?

Not on offer: either CA’s Terms of Service, Security, and Privacy Policy work for your organization, or they don’t. If they don’t, that’s okay! Some other platform out there hopefully offers what you need.

Simple as that.

Highly Effective Support

Your success with any platform naturally hinges on effective setup and support. Here’s what you can expect at at no extra cost:

Responsive Support

Email support (response within 24 hours Monday through Friday; average is 3 hours). Phone or Zoom calls available upon request.

Free 60-minute training

One 60-minute training for your team (recorded) per quarter. This can include your coaching team, admin team, or any combination thereof.

Real people

You will receive a personalized and professional response that answers your question (no robots, no phone tree, no runaround).

And if you want more than mere support, someone to actually help you do the work of setting things up, migrating things over, and getting you fully onboarded? There are independent contractors who are CoachAccountable experts, available for hire for exactly that sort of thing.

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