An exceptional coaching company takes more than exceptional coaches.

A system for coordination makes the execution of great coaching reliable.

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Have you been handed the overwhelming task of managing an entire team of coaches? It’s probably stressful, disjointed, and frustrating. You’re somehow expected to gauge each coach’s effectiveness, train new coaches, see if clients are making progress, and keep the piles of paperwork organized, all in a day that’s only 24 hours long (and sleep? What was that again?).

How are you supposed to do this and have any consistency? How can you possibly show the upper-level suits who booked you that it’s working, and keep the checks rolling in? And keep a steady stream of new clients eager to sign? Maybe you’re even afraid to get more clients and coaches, because each one adds more headaches and stacks of paperwork to manage in all your different systems.

It feels like you're always catching up. Growth seems impossible without cloning yourself (maybe even a few clones).

Meet CoachAccountable's Team Edition.

Team Edition gives you the freedom to be a real leader, rather than an overloaded office manager scrambling for paperwork.

All your material lives in one, easy-to-find place.

Session notes. Messages. Action plans. Appointments. And more. Access it all on any computer, smartphone, or tablet.

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Easily (and automatically) share progress.

The people who hired you want to know whether it’s working. You now have complete records - in one place - easily sent out whenever.

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See how your coaches are REALLY doing.

A coach who's not up to snuff is poison for your business. With CoachAccountable, you can see who’s bringing the wide grins of victory to your clients and who’s just going through the motions to get a paycheck.

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Basically clone your core talent.

Someone in your organization has worked hard to build the real guts of what you do: the programs, the materials, the templates, and so on. CoachAccountable enables ALL coaches in your organization to leverage that brilliance, delivering quality programs just as the designer intended.

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Keep your coaches happy.

Drop the shoddy enterprise software that everyone hates, and support them with a single sleek, intuitive app they'll actually enjoy using. Save them time; simplify their lives.

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Sell more than a package of conversations.

With CoachAccountable you're offering a real system supporting a real process, not just a bunch of experts armed with notebooks. You stand out.

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Questions? We Have Answers!

Is there any extra charge for adding other coaches or team members?

Nope! Pricing is entirely based on your active client count; there is no extra charge for adding members of your team.

Can I give my VA access to set things up for me?

Yes! Simply add that individual as a member of your team, grant them appropriate permissions that will dictate what they can and can’t do and see, and they’ll be set.

Can several coaches be working with the same client?

Yes! When setting your coach/client pairing, can pair as many coaches as you like to be working with a given client, and each coach will accordingly be able to work with that client as well as see (and coordinate with) the efforts of their fellow coaches.

Can I see what my coaches are doing with their clients?

You can! As account owner, you are able to look into each client record and observe how things are unfolding in those coaching relationships. With the Coach Touchpoints Report you’re able to see when and how often your coaches are interacting with their clients.

How do we standardize our coaching processes among our coaching team?

Whomever you have as your “master coach(es)”, the designers of your processes and content, you can grant the ability to share resources like files, templates and courses across your organization. They’ll be able to design these resources as standards that codify your team’s way of delivering your programs. In turn, whatever is shared in this way will be available to all of your coaches to use in the flow of their working with their clients.

How do we coordinate everyone’s availability for scheduling purposes?

Each coach is able to independently set up their scheduling rules and availability, including syncing their calendar of choice. This allows other parties an accurate picture of when a given coach is and isn’t available for scheduling. Team Members can be granted the ability to schedule on behalf of all team coaches, and with that picture can do so with confidence.

How do we manage paying our coaches?

There’s no support for actually moving money around from your bank to your coaches (those are HR, taxes, and accounting wheels that CA does not try to reinvent!). BUT with detailed reports of their activities including logged appointment hours, you’ll have a good basis to know what they are owed each month. Pulling this data via the API can make it possible to automate this.

How do I protect the confidentiality of clients from other coaches?

You are able to specifically pair each coach with whichever clients they are working with, granting them access to those clients and none others. This effectively allows you to silo your organization however you like, ensuring that each team member has access only to information that specifically concerns them.

When it comes to multiple coaches working with the same client, coach who author things like Session Notes can set one of 4 visibility settings, depending on whether or not they are fit for sharing with the client or should be seen by other team members.

Can I schedule appointments with and assign actions to my coaching team?

Yes! Each coach you add to your account is entitled their own freebie client account, which allows you to do with them everything that you can do with a regular client. It’s common for account owners to create a group whose membership is made up of each of their coaches’ freebie clients for the purpose of scheduling team meetings and the like.

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