CoachAccountable Team Edition

The well-loved and battle-tested CoachAccountable system for managing coaching relationships is now ready to manage your entire coaching organization.

Bring results-based accountability to your organization's entire coaching team.

For two years and counting CoachAccountable has been supporting and bettering the coaching relationship for hundreds of independant coaches and thousands of their clients, causing more sustained engagement, more regular follow through, and more tangible results.

CoachAccountable offers the same highly refined supporting experience for your organization.

From a single coach to managing a team of coaches with administrative oversight

CoachAccountable Team Edition accounts encompass entire coaching teams, allowing multiple coaches to work with clients and top-down accountability of the whole organization.

Administrative oversight

Leaps and bounds beyond emailing spreadsheets back and forth, CoachAccountable enables oversight with unprecedented detail.

Coaching relationships with CoachAccountable generate detailed records of assignments, completions, session notes, appointments, metrics and more.

This record is documentation, collected and organized with no additional work on the part of your coaches or clients. It is accessible to authorized parties for the sake of oversight and accountability.

Are appointments being kept? Which coaches are causing real results? Are targets being met? The answer to these questions and so many more are available through detailed client records which are ALWAYS up to date.

Coordinated team coaching

For programs where clients are regularly coached by more than one specialist, experience the ease of team coaching with CoachAccountable.

With a centralized client record visible to the entire coaching team, your organization's coaches will always be clear on what's been done and by whom.

Give clients more comprehensive support, hold them better to account, and prevent things from falling through the cracks.

Ready-made coach mentoring

More experienced coaches can pair up with newer ones to provide guidance and oversight during the course of real coaching relationships.

Coaches can make comments on client happenings that are visible only to the coaching team, hidden from the client.

With joint oversight and easy communication develop your team's talent more effectively as new coaches grow into your organization's way of doing things.

Engagement management

Engagement with your programs is perhaps the most reliable tell of whether or not your clients are getting results, which in turn predicts how likely they are to stick around at all.

How engaged are you clients? Can you reliably tell when you're not coaching them yourself?

CoachAccountable makes managing the levels of participation possible with detailed, real-time intelligence on your clients' behavior within your programs. View engagement at a glance to quickly identify who is falling off, and intervene to get them back on track.

A truly scalable system

Scale up your programs in repeatable, standardized ways. With shared resources like files, templates and courses, your master coach or coaches can create coaching programs that your other coaches will be able to effectively deliver: as designed and with the same polished level of quality.

Get started now

John of CoachAccountable

Get Going with Concierge Onboarding

All of the above is great, but there's one caveat that's probably on your mind: switching our organization over to a new system is a daunting task.

I'm sure you've got at least a few of the following questions:

  • How are we going to train our coaches?
  • How will we transfer our resources and materials in?
  • Will our team and clients even like and use it?
  • How is it all going to work and what if it fails?

That's why I'm happy to offer what I call "concierge onboarding": a way for you to be personally advised and assisted with the transition, including:

  • Training your team on using the system
  • Integrating your existing resources, materials and clients
  • White-labeling the system as your own
  • Setting up accountability and reporting systems
  • Designing exceptionally good programs

Basically I'll get you on your way to taking full advantage of all that CA has to offer.

Oh, and there's no charge for this. Taking time to get folks setup to love the platform is simply good business, and what I learn from doing so helps me make the platform even better.

Interested? Drop me your info and I'll be in touch soon.

John signed.

Sounds good. Concierge Me.

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