An exceptional coaching company takes more than exceptional coaches.

A cartoon scene showing a team of coaches and a collection of clients.  A cloud with the CoachAccountable logo connects them.

Have you been handed the overwhelming task of managing an entire team of coaches? It’s probably stressful, disjointed, and frustrating. You’re somehow expected to gauge each coach’s effectiveness, train new coaches, see if clients are making progress, and keep the piles of paperwork organized, all in a day that’s only 24 hours long (and sleep? What was that again?).

How are you supposed to do this and have any consistency? How can you possibly show the upper-level suits who booked you that it’s working, and keep the checks rolling in? And keep a steady stream of new clients eager to sign? Maybe you’re even afraid to get more clients and coaches, because each one adds more headaches and stacks of paperwork to manage in all your different systems.

It feels like you're always catching up. Growth seems impossible without cloning yourself (maybe even a few clones).

Meet CoachAccountable's Team Edition.

Team Edition gives you the freedom to be a real leader, rather than an overloaded office manager scrambling for paperwork.

A cartoon scene showing coach and client, withe items floating from the coach's desk over to the client's device.

All your material lives in one, easy-to-find place. Session notes. Messages. Action plans. Appointments. And more. Access it all on any computer, smartphone, or tablet.

An in-app screenshot showing a client's overview page.  Items of varying status color appear in the client's "What's new" listing.

Easily (and automatically) share progress. The people who hired you want to know whether it’s working. You now have complete records - in one place - easily sent out whenever.

A screenshot of an email showing detailed summary of happenings with various clients.

See how your coaches are REALLY doing. A coach who's not up to snuff is poison for your business. With CoachAccountable, you can see who’s bringing the wide grins of victory to your clients and who’s just going through the motions to get a paycheck.

Basically clone your core talent. Someone in your organization has worked hard to build the real guts of what you do: the programs, the materials, the templates, and so on. CoachAccountable enables ALL coaches in your organization to leverage that brilliance, delivering quality programs just as the designer intended.

A cartoon scene of a coach and client high-fiving, the CoachAccountable cloud connecting them.

Keep your coaches happy. Drop the crappy enterprise software that everyone hates, and support them with a single sleek, intuitive app they'll actually enjoy using. Save them time; simplify their lives.

A smartphone showing a client page's main navigation menu, including Overview, Stream, Metrics, Actions, Session Notes, Worksheets, and Journal.

Sell more than a package of conversations. With CoachAccountable you're offering a real system supporting a real process, not just a bunch of experts armed with notebooks. You stand out.

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