“CoachAccountable frees me up to focus on what I care about the most: relationships with clients.”

Most coaches end up here because they want to streamline their day-to-day lives. We’ve got that. But what you might be surprised by is the second part: we help you give clients more for their money.

Let’s look at the platform that, in one coach’s words “saves me hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars, and even makes coaching FUN!”

Build a Better Business

Scheduling. Contracts. Invoicing. Coaching Packages. And More!

Mobile Workspace iconMobile Workspace

Conveniently accessible from any web-connected device.

  • Use CoachAccountable on any device
  • CoachAccountable Just Works™, no installation required
  • Encourage busy clients to interact via SMS, in-app or via email
  • Manage your coaching relationships on the go
Image illustration of Mobile Workspace

Appointments iconAppointments

Elegant scheduling that syncs with everyone's calendar.

  • Schedule with your clients or let them schedule with you
  • Sync with everyone’s calendar
  • Reminders for both parties
  • Optional pre- and post-Worksheet assignments
  • Even allow prospective clients to book with you
Image illustration of Appointments

Invoicing iconInvoicing

Invoice professionally; make it easy for clients to pay you.

  • Generate one-time and recurring invoices for your clients
  • Get paid online through your Stripe, Square, or PayPal account, with no additional processing fees
Image illustration of Invoicing

Offerings iconOfferings

Sell your coaching programs and allow prospects to book from anywhere on the web.

  • Package your coaching in an easy-to-buy format
  • Invite prospective clients to book an exploratory call with you and see your professional coaching system from the inside
  • Sell coaching directly from your own website (or your social media, or your email newsletter, or...) from start to finish, including appointment scheduling, intake forms, and payment
Image illustration of Offerings

Engagements iconEngagements

Manage client engagements and coaching packages with ease.

  • Track the progression of your client engagements
  • See at a glance how many sessions or days a client has remaining
  • Automatically invoice and bill on schedule
  • Updates on engagement progress are automatically sent to you and your clients
Image illustration of Engagements

Companies iconCompanies

Effectively interface with the organizations that hire you.

  • Organize your individual clients by company
  • Invite personnel to have their own access to the app
  • Invoice organizations rather than individuals
  • Manage company-wide engagements
  • Manage agreements with designated personnel
Image illustration of Companies

Agreements iconAgreements

Manage client contracts, terms, and agreements with ease.

  • Rich, interactive documents with places to initial and areas to sign
  • Issue to clients with a few clicks
  • Un-fakeable records of who agreed to what, and when
  • Effective replacement for document signing services
Image illustration of Agreements

Team Edition iconTeam Edition

Rigorous accountability and oversight at an unprecedented level of detail.

  • Transparent records of coaching effectiveness
  • Shared resources for consistent program quality
  • Silo your organization and enable oversight with precise coach-client pairings
  • Set precise access permissions on a per-individual basis
  • Add administrative users in addition to coaches
Image illustration of Team Edition

Give your clients more

After you hang up the phone, what happens? Give better support and results with action plans, metrics, forms, automated courses, and more.

Actions iconActions

Turn good ideas into a real plan with reminders and due dates.

  • Provides a clear record of what’s done and what’s not
  • Clients check off items in-app or by replying to reminders
  • Gamify progress through projects consisting of related tasks
  • Present a clear account of accomplishment to your clients
Image illustration of Actions

Metrics iconMetrics

Track KPIs and measure real results over weeks or months.

  • Visualize results against a target
  • Reveal trends, gain insight, show progress
  • Reporting made easy, so your clients will actually do it
Image illustration of Metrics

Session Notes iconSession Notes

Never lose valuable insights.

  • Build a collection of documented insights from your coaching calls, easily accessible for later reference
  • Create templates to suit your style
  • Mark them private, or share with your client
Image illustration of Session Notes

File Sharing iconFile Sharing

All your files in one place - neat, organized, and easy to access.

  • You and your client can access shared files from anywhere
  • Uploads, links, videos, embedded media
  • Clearly see if and when your client has accessed an item
  • Clients can share files, too
Image illustration of File Sharing

Worksheets & Journaling iconWorksheets & Journaling

Assignments made easy (for them and you).

  • Send assignments such as intake paperwork, check-ins, and exercises
  • Fillable forms with text areas, checkboxes, image prompts, and more
  • Automated reminders help your clients do the work on time
  • Notification emails - and SMS messages - give clients one-click access to assignments
Image illustration of Worksheets & Journaling

Group Coaching iconGroup Coaching

Give better than clunky (and creepy) Facebook groups.

  • A platform for joint accountability, friendly competition, and lively discussion
  • Add shared Actions, Metrics, Files, Whiteboards, and more
  • Organize clients into admin-only Groups, or allow clients to interact at your chosen level of privacy
  • Group Metrics for a game pulling towards a shared goal
  • Group Projects to divide up tasks between members
Image illustration of Group Coaching

Courses iconCourses

Automated drip delivery of your best material.

  • Build once, automatically deliver to many
  • Whether it’s a daily Worksheet or a full-fledged intensive study, duplicate your materials and process
  • Set delivery to be calendar-dependent, or step-based for self-paced programs
  • Organized, interactive experiences like a traditional LMS
Image illustration of Courses

A Professional Online Portal iconA Professional Online Portal

Give your clients more than your sessions.

  • A living record of their work with you
  • A system that supports them in getting what they came for
  • Brand the system your way
  • Have clients log in to your client portal from your website, not ours
  • An installable homescreen app that’s all your own
Image illustration of A Professional Online Portal

Beyond the Features

There's a lot about the experience you're going to have using CoachAccountable that we're super proud of, and it's not just the in-app features.

Ridiculously Good Support iconRidiculously Good Support

Empathetic, talented, and empowered individuals are the only ones you'll interact with.

  • No phone trees to navigate, first tier support to get past, or other obstacles
  • Responses always within 24 hours, usually 1-2 during business hours
  • Email? Chat? Hop on a screen share? Quick phone call? Yes.
  • Coaching-savvy, human support that's easy to reach

Bug-free Software iconBug-free Software

You're not likely to find a bug in CoachAccountable, but if you do you won't suffer it long.

  • We don't track bugs because they don't accumulate
  • What few bugs are found get fixed FAST, usually the same day we hear about it
  • Current known bugs awaiting resolution: 0
  • Our support team doesn't waste anyone's time apologizing for the same bug over and over

No AI or ML iconNo AI or ML

If the content of your coaching relationships being run through AI or ML algorithms doesn't creep you out, it should.

  • None of our business model is based on harvesting/analyzing your data
  • We're not using your conversations to train some virtual coach system
  • Telemetry, user analytics, sentiment analysis... we do NONE OF THAT
  • Your data is your business and yours alone, CA just helps you manage it

No Outside Investment iconNo Outside Investment

We get offers often enough, and our answer is always the same: "Thanks, but no thanks."

  • CoachAccountable has been proudly bootstrapped and profitable since 2012
  • We don't work to serve the financial goals of those looking to get their ROI
  • We're accountable to no one but ourselves and our customers
  • Nothing distracts from our mission to make coaching better