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A system for you to manage your practice.

A system for your clients to get the most out of your coaching.

Client Pages - The shared hub of your coaching relationships

Give each client a tangible, interactive workspace that facilitates communication, supports performance, and documents result.

Secure Client Pages

Track and facilitate your clients' progress. All your information regarding a given client is organized in one secure area, easily accessible from your Dashboard. Clients access their page via their own unique login.


Track the quantitative progress of your clients with Metrics. With automated reminders by text or email it's very little work for your clients to keep up with data entry, and the result is informative graphs and an at-a-glance view of how things are going as measured against a target. What gets measured gets managed: Metrics make the measuring easy.

You can even embed live Metrics to show off your results, like this:


Create session templates for various interactions, from introduction interviews to weekly calls. Type up session notes, append them with any action plan you've created, and share them via email with a single click. You and your client can review session notes anytime. Or mark them private, making them for your eyes only.

Worksheets & Journaling

Assign your clients worksheets that you create. With due dates and reminders it's easier to get assignments back on time, and see them filed away right where you want them. You and your client can both add Journal Entries at any time, and they too become part of the growing repository of notes.


Share files with your client online and have them accessible wherever you are. Know if and when your client accessed files you've shared. Clients can similarly upload files to share with you.


Increase client accountability and follow through between sessions. Create specific Actions with optional reminders. Color-coded to reflect completion status so you and your client see at a glance what is next, what they have accomplished and where they may be stuck.


View the comprehensive history of your coaching engagement. Actions, metrics, notes, worksheets, and appointments are all there. You and your client can record comments on each, making a nice way to keep the conversation going between sessions on the things of concern to your client.


Save time, avoid phone tag and hassle. You and your clients can schedule appointments. The system emails or texts the other party about scheduling requests and cancellations, and sends appointment reminders to both. Integrate with your Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook or others to see everything all together and prevent double-booking.

Dashboard - Your Business' Control Center

The Dashboard gives you instant access to client information, appointments, files and other coaching resources.


Contact details at a glance. Click on a client to quickly access their client page. Add new clients in seconds, and then send email invitations with which they can access their individual client page.


Create a professional email template in moments. Reduce repetitive tasks with standard emails like invoices, receipts, and reminders, all customizable to your style and voice. Want more? You can white label the whole system.


Create online versions of your intake and pre-session forms, worksheets, surveys, etc. Assign them to clients to fill out online. Create templates for session notes to streamline the process. Email or print as needed.


A simple way to upload and store documents, pictures, audio files and video. Share files with clients instantly. Download to your desktop anytime, from anywhere.


Always know where you stand financially with your clients. Create and send invoices and receipts in moments. Accept credit card payments online with PayPal, Stripe, or

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