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The Coachability Factor


00:43Defining Coachability and its 3 Dimensions
03:10The Coachability Spectrum
16:02Influencing Openness to Being Coached
20:01Influencing Trust in the Coaching
21:50Eliciting Responsibility
28:50Influencing Ability to Execute
In this webinar we explore the question of how coachable certain types of people are.

It's tempting to say "Everyone is coachable!" and call it a day, but a more nuanced answer (and one that acknowledges real human tendencies) expands your ability to more effectively coach a broader range of people.

Not only will you learn how coachability profoundly dictates your ability to deliver, you'll also learn ways that you can increase it with all of your clients, both current and future.

Listen to Tim Ferriss's interview of Penn Jillette starting around 1:17:16 for his account of creating the coaching agreement to lose 105 pounds.

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