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Wowing Prospects into Clients

How do you take mere prospects for your coaching and reliably turn them into enthusiastic paying clients?

In this webinar we'll show you how to use CA to do just that. By using CA as a means to show off your results-oriented approach you'll have so much more than the intro conversation working in your favor to win over your prospects.

  • 00:54 - "Trying to find a coach" Through a Prospect's Eyes
  • 05:22 - The CA Advantage for Prospects
  • 11:12 - How To Wield the CA Advantage for Prospects
    • 11:38 - A Nice Experience of Signing Up
    • 17:04 - An Impressive Experience In-App
    • 22:25 - A Powerful Intro Conversation
  • 30:43 - Leaving the Door Open
  • 33:12 - Mapping Out Wowing Prospects Into Clients
  • 37:55 - Pricing for Prospects as Full-On Clients
  • 41:23 - Giving your Best Without Stretching Too Thin
  • 44:04 - Community Discussion

To install the resources shown off in the lesson (including the "Tour the Process" course), click here.

Interested with playing with the numbers on the marginal cost of additional clients? Find the spreadsheet for it here.

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