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Sessions Where Things Get Created

Yes of course, things get created in coaching sessions all the time. Rapport, agreements, alignment, clarity, and so on. But when sessions are just conversations, all those things only Live. Up. Here. [**taps side of the head right around the temple**]

In this webinar we talk about how to actually create tangible things in your sessions, things that will never fade as mere memories, and will give your clients value for their money long after the checks have cleared.

  • 00:38 - Distinguishing Creating things in coaching
  • 03:45 - Dunking on Stellar Coaches
  • 07:50 - Categories of THINGS you can create
  • 14:41 - Creating THINGS in action: a sample Session
  • 23:35 - Effects of Creating THINGS
  • 26:35 - Advertising Creating THINGS
  • 27:15 - Mapping this All Out
  • 34:30 - Community Discussion

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