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Harnessing CA's Capabilities for Fun and Profit

CoachAccountable does A LOT. That's great, but it's easy to miss out on gems that you might find genuinely useful.

In this webinar we shine a light on ways to effectively explore all that CA can do so you can use it for all it's worth, AND make the case for why taking the time to do so is worth it.

  • 01:36 - The Impact of Underutilizing
  • 05:42 - An Appeal to Your Attention Span
  • 08:57 - The High Level Perks of CA
  • 15:26 - Commonly Missed Goodies
  • 19:58 - Conceptual Areas that Provide the Perks
  • 26:42 - Teeing Up Powerful Exploration
  • 30:04 - Exploring In CA
  • 36:08 - Community Discussion

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