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Coaching Action Plans

Even brilliant coaching is worthless until acted upon.

Is that true? True or not, it's a powerful place to stand. Taking action is the stuff of turning good ideas in to real results.

No matter what kind of coaching you do, you can give your clients more by skillfully guiding them to create and execute on action plans, plans that amount to them ACTUALLY APPLYING the guidance you give.

In this webinar we cover ways to do just that, armed with CoachAccountable's Actions and Action Projects.

  • 01:22 - Even Brilliant Coaching is Worthless Until Acted Upon
  • 03:26 - Good Action Plans = Games Worth Playing
  • 07:01 - Follow Through's Effect on Sense of Self
    • 08:27 - Self Trust in terms of Brain Patterns
    • 10:38 - Doing What You Said Matters
  • 11:36 - Coaching Action Plans as a Value-Add
  • 14:37 - Coaching Action Plans with CoachAccountable
  • 27:34 - Bringing it All Together: an Extended Visual Metaphor

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