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Coaching with Metrics

Even if your coaching isn't "all about the numbers", there are likely several Metrics worth tracking with your clients.

In this webinar we cover how and why tracking Metrics are a great part of your coaching service, and how you as coach can best support your clients in doing them.

  • Why Metrics at all? (00:56)
  • Creation: Setting up games worth playing (06:50)
  • Execution: Playing the game well (13:58)
  • Distillation: Getting the most out of the experience (19:05)
  • Summing up (29:32)
  • Q & A: Meaningfully coaching subjective measures (32:50)
  • Q & A: Coaching a sales goal (39:03)

Here's the featured drawing that maps out Coaching a Metric.  Feel free to use, repurpose and remix however you like!

Install the Worksheets presented for coaching with Metrics.

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