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Mastering the Client Life Cycle

The people you work with aren't just your coachees, they are also your customers. How you take care of them in the customer capacity at each step affects how likely they are to sign up, how likely they are to stick around, and how likely they are to come back (and recommend you!).

In this webinar you'll learn how to best use CoachAccountable to give your clients the best, most buttoned-up experience that will have them enjoying your professionalism the whole way through.

  • Being of service to a Coachee vs. to a Customer (00:50)
  • Distinguishing the Client Life Cycle (04:49)
  • Start: Setting the Tone
    • Intake Forms (11:43), Agreements (15:56), First Impressions (20:40)
  • During: Managing Satisfaction
    • Satisfaction Check-Ins (26:00), Handling Derailments (30:02), Teeing up Continuing (31:30)
  • Finish: Wrapping up Powerfully
    • Review Accomplishments (33:56), Give a Souvenir (35:40), Testimonial Ask (36:32)
  • Summing Up What's at Stake (39:13)

Here's the featured drawing of the Client Life Cycle.  Feel free to use, repurpose and remix however you like!

Like the Worksheets we showed off in this presentation?  Feel free to install them and use however you like!

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