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The Session Notes Treasure Trove

Session Notes may seem boring, but they're not.

In this webinar we break down the art of taking and sharing meaningful notes from your sessions, such that they themselves become a significant addition to the value you provide.

  • 00:53 - Session Notes as "tresure trove material"
  • 02:28 - The Session Notes Value Chain
  • 14:54 - Treasured Session Notes
  • 17:12 - Building Blocks of Treasured Session Notes
  • 21:34 - Letting Clients Enjoy the Treasure Trove
  • 25:51 - Mapping Out The Session Notes Treasure Trove
  • 28:34 - Other Considerations around Session Notes
  • 38:04 - Community Discussion

To install the resources shown off in the lesson (the Internal Assessment form, a Course that has those internal assessment measures pipe automatically into client Metrics, and the sample Session Notes that show off the building blocks for treasured session notes), click here.

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