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Using CA Such That Clients Get More

If CoachAccountable were merely a glorified note-taking app, this would be a silly idea.

But it’s not, so this isn’t.

In this webinar we show how to leverage CA to make your coaching conversations more powerful, more lasting, and more likely to produce results, all to the benefit (and delight) of your clients.

  • 01:34 - Defining "more" in coaching & The CA Effect on Coaching
  • 04:03 - Learning Styles: Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic
  • 08:06 - Creating a Richer Experience of Being Coached
  • 13:00 - How the Richer Experience Causes the CA Effect on Coaching
  • 16:36 - Enlisting Client Participation
  • 19:33 - An Interactive Lesson to Get Clients On Board
  • 23:40 - Overcoming Objections
  • 30:11 - Mapping this All Out
  • 35:30 - Community Discussion

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