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Designing Worksheets

Worksheets are a powerful way to get your clients really engaging with the coaching work and materials you provide them, so you wanna be sure you design them well: clear, clean, and easy to work on from any device.

This webinar covers do's and don'ts, when to go Form Based vs. freestyle, and how to design for simplicity so that your Worksheets will be a pleasure to work on even on a smartphone.

  • Why good design matters (1:11)
  • Which Type to Use (3:37)
  • Simplicity Rules (12:00)
  • Naming Inputs (18:45)
  • Thoughts on Content (24:31)
  • Aim for Joy (29:20)

Like the "Tidying up Loose Ends" Worksheet shown at around 26:55? Install it.

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