CoachAccountable Groups

Do you do group coaching?

CoachAccountable Groups allow you to connect the people you're coaching and cause group collaboration.

Cause community, support, and shared accountability among your groups.

CoachAccountable's supporting tools and structure are great for one-on-one interactions, and are even more rich when applied to groups.

Introducing CoachAccountable Groups

Groups is CoachAccountable's answer to supporting group coaching, designed to promote communication among group members, joint accountability, and a very real experience of shared accomplishment and community support.

Accountability and Performance at the Group Level

Group Actions allow you to create assignments for everyone in the group to tackle individually, and enable everyone to see how the group is doing as a whole.

Worksheet assignments work the same way.

With Group Metrics every member tracks their own result and the overall team performance can be seen, as either the sum or average of all of the individuals.

Ready-Made Communication and Collaboration

Easy sharing and messaging among group members is baked right in.

Messages can be posted to the group, items from individual coaching experiences can be shared with the group, comments are allowed on everything (easily added either when logged in or by replying to group email notifications), and coaches can even allow group members to send private messages to one another through the system.

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