Group Coaching Programs done Right

Keep momentum up and members engaged between group sessions.

You’re a great coach and you deliver a great group program: You lead powerful sessions. Your group members open up, participate fully, and gel nicely.

But then... what happens when everyone hops off the line, or exits the Zoom room, or whatever?

You want to give your clients more than those group calls: a forum for members to talk amongst themselves and coach each other, a true community , a dynamic and meaningful shared experience. You want to provide a sense of belonging and collaboration.

Introducing CoachAccountable Groups

Compared to CoachAccountable, Facebook groups are amateur night (and they’re harvesting your clients’ intimate secrets to sell to advertisers anyway--yuck).

Yet CoachAccountable is not just a surface-level forum board for group discussions and sharing updates.

Group Metric showing sales for group members

With Group-level assignments and Metrics, you add real shared accountability. Turn group performance into a game: create a friendly competition or even just give team members a way to cheer one another on as they participate in a shared experience.

Group Action showing group member participation

Group postings, direct messaging, and a directory help make member interactions as valuable as your own presence: create an environment where the camaraderie is itself a selling point.

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