Deliver Repeatable, Structured Coaching Programs that Scale with Ease

Marry the magic of human attention with the automation of your tried-and-true material.

CoachAccountable is designed to be a best-in-class platform for delivering one-on-one coaching, but maybe your style is a little more geared for the masses.

Introducing CoachAccountable Courses

Courses is a platform for you to scale up your coaching practice, allowing you to leverage your grade-A material by offering it to a wider audience.

You start by creating a course timeline, consisting of actions, metrics, worksheets, files, and messages.

Course timeline builder.  Drag and drop.

Configure it further by setting up whatever notifications and reminders are appropriate to accompany your course items. You can even set up sequential items, enabling you to automate sequences like "Once this action is done, send this message and that worksheet, and once that worksheet is done, assign two more actions."

Add a participant to your course with just a few clicks.

Once your course is ready, you can start as many people as your subscription plan allows on your course with just a few clicks each. CoachAccountable then handles the rest, firing off notifications, materials, and assignments to each of your participants, right on schedule.

Fluid and Flexible

Spin off a customized course timeline for a single participant.

No course synchronization is required: you can add new participants to your course on a rolling basis, and schedule participants to begin on a future date. You can even spin off personal versions of a course for your participants at any time with a single click, allowing you to modify their course experience as appropriate.

Design and offer as many courses as you like. You can even edit course timelines as you go, keeping one step ahead of your participants and designing the course flow as a reaction to how things unfold.

Seamlessly Integrated with Supporting Structures

See course progress as it unfolds.

All the interactions and doings of a course are managed and documented within CoachAccountable, giving you and your participants the same winning support system of regular one-on-one coaching. This allows you to be as interactive and responsive above and beyond the scheduled course materials however you see fit.

Want to blend your great course material with your highly valuable, personalized coaching in a way that best serves both your schedule and a wide audience? Try offering your course at different tiers: just the course in the base tier, and more hands-on support and personal access to you for at the premium levels. Be sure to make it clear how participants who are getting good value and results out of the course alone can upgrade to one-on-one coaching with you.

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