Case Studies

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Jerry Anathan

Inner Guru Coaching

Jerry is an entrepreneur & life coach who does 1-on-1 coaching. Prior to using CoachAccountable she felt frustrated by the difficulty she faced in effectively serving a large number of coachees. In her words:

"I recall sitting in my office in NYC … as I considered throwing in the towel on my coaching career. The challenge wasn't that I didn't have enough clients, it was that the ones I DID have, I could not keep track of! There is no way to be a deep listener and take notes at the same time. Scheduling sessions felt like playing ping pong, back and forth with dates and times. I couldn't recall what forms I'd sent to whom, and had to spend 3-5 minutes following old email trails right before an upcoming session."

The beneficial ways that Jerry has employed CoachAccountable in her practice include:

  1. Appointments have made scheduling with her clients effortless and easily manageable.
  2. She has the system send follow-up forms to her coachees 3 hours after her sessions, which helps motivate them, reminds them of what to do, and lets them take stock of all they've accomplished.
  3. She has a ritual of spending 10-20 minutes every few days writing little emails to her coachees (via the system) acknowledging their progress. Because she can see accurately right there what they've done it's a quick task for her that keeps clients excited and bolsters their motivation.
  4. By having her key files and worksheets loaded into the system she's able to easily react to wherever her coachee is, sending them with just a few clicks whatever would make a difference.
  5. Her clients love using it because everything is in one place. "My client had even written in to our coaching agreement that she could opt to bow out of using any platform to communicate, but now she's a total convert!"

Jerry estimates the system saves her 5-6 hours per week. The automation provided by the system gives her coachees the experience of Jerry being with & supporting them, even when she's instead walking her dog on the beach. In her words, "CoachAccountable LITERALLY saved my business. Since using the platform, in less than a year I've served over 30 clients with ease and grace, and continue with many of them today."

Greg Bennett

The Growth Coach Denver

Greg is a sales coach. In one of his programs he coaches high-end management consultants to be themselves effective sales people, a critical component of biz dev within consulting firms. Over an 8-week program Greg teaches them skill sets that are typically way outside of their comfort zone—sales mindset and strategy.

With CoachAccountable Courses Greg has his program participants receive an email every morning with an audio segment and an accompanying worksheet or task. In Greg's words:

"It really sets up their day. These people are busy and are able to take just 20 minutes per day to do their learning. The mobile app is huge for them, letting them listen to the lesson for the day like it's a podcast, and then do their worksheet to reflect and solidify what they just learned."

In another program for sales people Greg makes extensive use of Metrics, having them track KPIs around their sales funnel as well as for building habits, like mastering elevator pitches and handling common objections for smoothness that only muscle memory can provide. CoachAccountable helps build those habits by routine Metric reminders ("How many times did you practice your pitch today?"), and as Greg puts it "because they can just reply to the email reminder with their number, they actually do it".

At the end of week Greg has CA setup to send a "how's it going" survey to all his coachees, which effectively collects testimonials for him as well as lets coachees appreciate their own progress of what they got recently. "It never works as well to ask them to take stock at the end of the program, they forget all of the progress and wins that happened earlier. This way they really appreciate the progress as they're making it."

Before CoachAccountable Greg could coach around 10 coachees simultaneously before quality started to suffer: he used to have to comb through many docs and past emails to prep, and lack of clear awareness of where a coachee was (and what he'd done or not made) made calls take longer and be less focused on what the coachee needed. "There was no visibility or accountability, it was hard to know where they were."

Now Greg can coach up to 60 people at a time. He structures the weeks for his coachees to be heavy on learning towards the beginning of the week and does his 1-on-1 calls on Thursday and Friday. "Those days are packed, and I can make it work because I can do lighting fast prep for each call by pulling up the record in CoachAccountable, and because of the reminders my clients always come on time and prepared. It wouldn't be possible to do it this way without CA."

Tambre Leighn

Well Beyond This

Tambre Leighn is the co-founder of Well Beyond This, an organization that provides psychosocial chronic disease management solutions. Her team is currently using CoachAccountable to deliver the Well Beyond This Cancer Survivorship program that helps cancer survivors better cope with and thrive in life. When coaching survivors in her private practice, the biggest pain point for Tambre was knowing there are now more than 15 million survivors affected by their cancer experience and in need of support, yet as one coach she could not reach large enough numbers. She could help maybe 30-40 people at a time between private and group coaching. The second problem was that many wanted it but simply couldn't afford it.

When Tambre partnered with The iPEC Group several years ago to create coaching-based approaches in healthcare for providers and patients, some of the challenges they faced were how to deliver consistent content in a measurable way where engagement could be proven, and how to focus coaching time on working through actual individual obstacles, rather than spending precious coaching minutes educating (imparting information that they could work through independently and on their own time). She needed a system to deliver the content in the right way.

"As a coach I understand that the more my clients stay immersed in between our sessions, working with the ideas and taking action, the more likely they are to grow and evolve. When clients don't move forward applying their insights and action plans from a session, they can tend to feel guilty, judge themselves harshly, and even second guess the effectiveness of coaching when they lose momentum and don't take action. They can also lose confidence in themselves to succeed.

"One solution to this was for me to spend 15-20 minutes after a session typing up notes on the action plans they had come up with in the session and setting up accountability check-ins. It worked, but it took a lot of effort, time, and unbillable hours that could have been invested in coaching more clients."

CoachAccountable instead automates most of this. A collection of lessons and materials can all be loaded up into CA (a one-time effort) addressing the common challenges and concerns shared by her clients such as overwhelm, stress, and approaches to improving quality of life. She's able to set a coachee up with whatever they need to stay engaged in the coming week with just a few clicks. It's a huge time saving for her and a boon to engagement and results for her coachees.

Going beyond 1-on-1 coaching, the Well Beyond This program she created—with the aide of CoachAccountable—is an affordable, scalable program that allows a much wider audience to benefit. CoachAccountable delivers the program at a measured pace that lets participants engage with it on their own time, and CoachAccountable Groups enable a whole new level of participation through interaction with others who are going through similar challenges. In her words:

"People diagnosed and being treated for cancer can feel very isolated—it's often difficult to find people in the local community who are going through something similar, especially for the Young Adult population (ages 18-40), although we have users everywhere from early 20's through 70 years of age. When they come in to the program with its group forum and group coaching, they often realize through the shared format that they have created more solutions than they gave themselves credit for, making them more confident about being able to thrive in spite of cancer. Issues posed by one individual prompt the group to weigh in and share. Sharing and being cheered on by peers breaks down that isolation, and builds confidence, resiliency, and eventually connection with a supportive community."

And when it comes to having the group engage with the work in between sessions?

"When a call is done, for the best results, it is important to create something to keep the conversation going and move it deeper. Without CoachAccountable, what would I do? Setup a Facebook group? Will it be secure and private? What about people that don't like it or for whom it doesn't seem professional? CoachAccountable provides a secure, professional place to have those group interactions and it's all-in-one, we don't need our participants to have multiple logins to multiple systems."

CoachAccountable also helps the program run more efficiently: it's impossible to accidentally omit a group member when sending out a message so nothing slips through the cracks. It's also easy to track everything that was sent to a group without wading through past emails. About once a week Tambre pulls up CoachAccountable's Engagement Report, which gives he a visual representation of who's engaged and who might benefit from being reached out to. And, behind the scenes, her Director of Operations can check in daily without it taking a lot of time. If she or her team notice someone is not engaging as frequently as they have been, they send a message through CA. "Reaching out is well received: they feel like you're paying attention to them, that their work matters and someone notices when they're gone."

Tambre summarizes the contribution that CoachAccountable makes to her organization's program with the following observation:

"For me, coaching is all about meeting clients where they're at. Letting them access their materials and do their work at any time via technology is what so many people want today, and CA makes that possible—it helps me meet my clients' needs in a way that is effective and efficient for them, allows them work at their pace, and reminds them as much (or as little) as they want so that they can keep focused and working on the things that will ultimately enable them to grow. I am extremely grateful for this coaching platform and the way it is helping us reach our goal of transforming the experience of survivorship for millions of people over the next few years."

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