Get to Know the Team

For anyone considering joining our team, it's in many ways as much about picking the people as it is the role itself.

In a raw, uncut Zoom call, the CA team talks about what it's like to work at CoachAccountable.

This is longer than I meant it to be and I don't expect anyone to watch it through. But for an authentic look at who we are and how we think, I feel I can do no better than to make available the whole thing. :)

Some highlights:

  • 02:06 - On perks and vacation time
  • 06:15 - For John: Why did you create CoachAccountable?
  • 11:13 - For Morgan & Jaclyn: What's best about working at CoachAccountable?
  • 15:18 - For Morgan & Jaclyn: What's the worst about working at CoachAccountable?
  • 21:07 - For John: What are you creating to grow the team of CoachAccountable?