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Customer Success Consultant

Remote role with a fully remote team.

Starting salary of $80-100K+, 4 weeks vacation, and $9,850 in maxed-out benefits.

CoachAccountable is a web tech company seeking to hire our fourth team member. We provide a software platform for coaches, allowing them to run better businesses and get better results with their clients. More on us in a minute; let’s first get down to the details that will allow you to decide if this is right for you.

The role routinely demands:

  • excellent written communication skills
  • a warm and personable demeanor
  • detective-like problem solving skills
  • willingness and ability to effectively teach
  • rigorous attention to detail
  • taking responsibility for your own learning

To be reasonably assured of a good fit, we require applicants to have at minimum 3 years of experience in a customer facing support role. That experience has to have entailed plenty of face-to-face communication with customers (even if over Zoom), and been in a tech company or (some other arena) that has you very familiar with the ins-and-outs of using and troubleshooting web apps.

You must also be eligible to work in the US (because legalities), and residing in the continental US (because time zones).

Still here? Great. We can now get to the fun part. :)

The aforementioned skills and experience are necessary for the core foundation of the job, which is providing very hands on, personalized, and patient customer support.

What do I mean by that?

Well, at many (most?) support jobs, the name of the game is speedy responses and how fast you can close out a boatload of tickets. Canned answers to common questions rule the day, and a large percentage of the time you’re answering the same issues to address the same known bugs/shortfalls/common confusion and pitfalls.

This is not that.

For years, we’ve made a game of what we call “destroying tickets”. Not just answering an inbound ticket, but, whenever possible, making a change to our system, UI, in-app copy, documentation, or whatever else in order to truly fix the issue, once and for all, so that no one has to ask us about that thing again.

It means our platform is super polished and highly functioning, and we’re able to service 1000’s of customers as a tiny team. Because we’re not trapped endlessly putting out fires, or answering the same boring questions, we choose to give very high-end, boutique level of support to all our customers, taking the time to teach (even coach) them to best understand (and thus fully take advantage of) what our platform makes possible. It also means that after all that ticket destroying, the issues that actually come our way are apt to take some effort. Sometimes it’s detective-like problem solving to figure out what’s going on, and sometimes it’s creative thinking to suggest a workable solution for a unique scenario. Either way, you generally can’t copy-and-paste your way to a passable answer: you have to think and tailor your response to the situation.

Beyond being responsive to inbound support emails and chat, we liberally make ourselves available to anyone who would like to get on a one-on-one call. This can be for anything from doing initial demos to spot-checking their setups and advising on best practices. So the ability to present and guide in an endearing and professional manner is required too.

Here’s how this shakes out for anyone who joins our team:


  • You won’t spend your days apologizing over and over to angry people for the same jankiness.
  • Our customers are generally REALLY happy with the system, so that’s the typical demeanor of the people you’ll be serving.
  • Our customers are generally very appreciative of YOU for the time you’re able to take to really contribute to them.
  • There’s the opportunity to elevate the support you give to an art form.


  • You can’t just glide through your day copy-and-pasting the same canned answers over and over again.
  • You have to have the acumen to consistently deliver top-notch, on-point and personalized service.
  • You’re expected to be a quick study, able to find answers and solutions yourself and never needing to ask the same question twice.
  • There’s an expectation that you elevate the support you give to an art form. :)

On Joining Our Tiny Team

There are just 3 of us. That may appear then as though CoachAccountable were some fledgling start up.

It is not.

We’ve been around, stable, fully independent and proudly profitable, since 2012. We are doing very well, and excited to bring on another top-notch player to join us in expanding upon our success in helping coaches thrive and get better results.

Customer support is NOT an all-consuming task for our current support team; there’s time left over for other pursuits. Today, Morgan and Jaclyn both have one day a week that is their creative day, a time to work on such pursuits in a very entrepreneurial fashion. Morgan is developing our enterprise sales process to best care for and support our larger customers. Jaclyn created and runs CoachAccountable Academy, a user group for our customer community to learn from and contribute to one another.

Part of what we’re looking for from applicants is what they see to bring, based on their own past experience, if they might wish to transition from being 100% customer support to work on other things. These things could include:

  • Building some sort of strong and delightful CoachAccountable presence on social media.
  • Creating relevant video content.
  • Being an evangelist for CA out in various coaching communities.
  • Court strategic relationships among would-be enterprise customers.
  • Plenty of other things.

Again, there are only 3 of us, and we’re generally inbound focused, serving mainly just those who found us. What sort of ground that we’ve never covered could be worth exploring?

It also may well be that who we hire is someone who wishes to remain solely focused on bringing excellence to our customer success game: the yearning desire to transition out of support is not required, but it is the opportunity for those who seek it.

Either way, expect to spend at least the first 6 months fully in day to day customer support, and to have it be at least part of your day to day over the long run. That is the arena by which all of us learn the ins-and-outs of CA. More importantly, it is where one gets in tune with needs and wants of those we serve, the awareness of which makes possible doing great work outside of support.

Zooming out a bit to the big picture, I want to make clear that whomever we hire at this stage has the opportunity to provide pivotal influence through their creativity. Like a start up, we’re small enough that what you bring can have a massive impact, but like a big company we’ve got the prosperity and independence to go about everything calmly and on our own terms.

A Little About Our Culture

One of the biggest things you’re choosing when you’re choosing to take a job is people you’ll be working with. To help you make an informed choice in that regard, here’s a little about us and how we roll.

There are three books that perhaps we’ve most been inspired by and enjoyed to model ourselves after:

  • Anything You Want by Derek Sivers. As he describes in his creation and running of CDBaby, we’ve enjoyed defining our company as our own little utopia that we’re free to create however we like.
  • It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hanssen of Basecamp. Living up to the detailed description of a calm company is very important to us; we rarely if ever have the need to work more than 40 hours a week.
  • No Rules Rules by Erin Meyer and Reed Hastings of Netflix. We are aiming to build a team of high talent density, and have enjoyed forays into CoachAccountable being a culture of freedom and responsibility for each of us.

If you’ve read any of these and we have an interview, I’m sure we’ll enjoy chatting about some of the ideas therein.   Beyond that, I encourage you to explore this site and get to know us a little.

Benefits and Compensation

As stated above, the starting salary for this role is between $80-100K+. That’s a wide range, and that is based upon the large swing in what you might be able to bring to our tiny team.

As a salaried employee, vacation benefits apply: holidays plus FOUR weeks off per year.

After two months as a salaried employee, the following additional benefits kick in:

  • $100 monthly fitness allowance ($1200 per year)
  • $500 per year continuing education allowance (to learn ANYTHING you want, doesn’t need to be job related; we know that curious and happy employees are the best kind)
  • $50 monthly internet/phone allowance ($600 per year)
  • QSEHRA health insurance premium reimbursement benefit of up to $5,150 per year
  • SIMPLE IRA 100% match of up to 3% of salary

Assuming an $80,000 base salary, the cash value of these benefits maxed out is $1200 + $500 + $600 + $5150 + $2400 = $9,850

How to Apply

First, please craft a statement about you and why you’re applying that speaks directly to this position. Tell us about yourself, your relevant experience, and what you want to bring to the CoachAccountable team. Feel free to include a link or two to anything that might help us get better aware of (and excited for) who you are and what you could bring as part of a high talent density team.

Second, please provide a link to your resume. Your LinkedIn profile is fine.

If you’re interested in applying, I hereby make you a deal to respect each other’s time: if and when you’re no longer in the running for consideration for this role, I promise to tell you as soon as I know that (because I know that it’s no fun to be left hanging in wonder). In return, I ask you to apply only if you meet the requirements above, and to put some thought into your statement so that you’re putting your best foot forward. Deal? Cool.

If you see yourself being a powerful addition to our team, I look forward to hearing from you. And take your time! There's no rush.