Simple Pricing Plans

The price you pay is based on the number of clients you serve.

2 clients
Level 1
5 clients
Level 2
10 clients
Level 3
20 clients
Level 3.5
35 clients
Level 4
50 clients
Level 4.5
75 clients
Level 5
100 clients
Level 5.5
150 clients
Level 6
200 clients
Level 6.5
250 clients
Level 6.6
300 clients
Level 6.7
350 clients
Level 6.8
400 clients
Level 6.9
450 clients
Level 7
500 clients
Level 7.5
750 clients
Level 8
1000 clients

  • Complete, fully-featured system for EVERY plan.
  • Only your active clients count.
  • Deactivate (and reactivate) clients at any time.
  • Inactive clients may still access their records.
  • Scales to any size you need.

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It's right there in our pricing:

We have a genuine interest in your practice thriving, and it shows in our platform and our service.

Here's How We Do Business:

  • No setup fees, no cancellation fees.
  • No credit card required to start your 30 day trial.
  • Add unlimited coach and administrator accounts at no extra cost.
  • Upgrade or downgrade at any time.
  • Upgrade to any package with no charge during your trial.
  • Cancel at any time with just a few clicks.

Pricing FAQs

Do you offer any special discounts for…


But you didn’t let me say who I am!

True! Whether you’re a non-profit, an NGO, a school, or coaching pro bono, we applaud the work you’re doing and the difference you’re making. AND in the interest of fairness and transparency, since 2012 we have only ever offered a single pricing plan that has applied to EVERYONE.

That means you can rest assured you’re getting the best possible price: nobody has a sweeter deal than you do.

Why is this so expensive?

Is it, though? If you're like most coaches, CoachAccountable costs a small percentage (< 3%) of what you charge your clients. If you employ a coaching team (or are solo and value your time), CA can net save you A LOT: the same number of coaches can deliver better programs to more people with less work.

If your CoachAccountable bill is large, that means something is going TERRIBLY right with your business, and CA is designed to help that happen: to help you land more clients, retain them longer, and reclaim hours of your life every week.

Hand-drawn diagram of The Session Cycle

Wait, how does CoachAccountable help me land clients?

Use it to show skeptics what they can expect from your coaching. Show curious potential clients how it looks to really track their progress, then give them an easy way to sign up with you (and pay for coaching).

Hand-drawn diagram of The Coachability Spectrum

Okay... how does CA help me retain clients longer?

Get clients eager to extend their coaching programs when they see the concrete, life-changing benefits mapped out for them.

Hand-drawn diagram of The Client Life Cycle

And how does CA reclaim hours of my life every week?

How much time do you waste on paperwork, scheduling back-and-forths, and document sharing every month? Not to mention your hours wasted marketing, trying to explain what you do? CA automates away the tedium, and enables you to put forth a more compelling pitch.

Hand-drawn diagram of Pitching Prospects and Winning Clients

Yeah... but there's a cheaper platform out there!

There sure is! Lot's of 'em, in fact. What’s more important to your success: spending less, or earning more? If it’s the former, pen and paper might work. If it’s the latter, a system that helps you close more clients and give them better results is your winning move. CoachAccountable is that system, and we’ll even teach you how.

Why is this so cheap?

If you’re used to paying exorbitant charges for enterprise software, CoachAccountable can appear suspiciously cheap. Rest assured that there are no hidden costs for a large organization: all your team members and admin accounts are included at no extra cost; no add-ons to purchase; no licensing fees, support fees, or setup fees. Just one simple pricing structure, for large and small coaching businesses.

What do you mean by "only your active clients count"?

As you might guess, an active client is one you’re actively coaching. You can deactivate and reactivate with just a couple clicks. That’s useful for when someone completes a coaching engagement with you, then wants to resume coaching later. You maintain all their history. And, you can give previous clients lifetime access to their work at no extra cost.

I’m coaching a group, a couple, or several people at the same company. Are they separate clients?

Yes. Each person you set up to be supported by the platform will need a separate account, and thus is a separate client. This ensures you (and they) know who’s done what work.

Are there any other add-ons or hidden costs?

No. Not a one.

What are the limits during the free trial?

None. Really.

No limits, no caps, no sandbox. You can add as many clients as you like, customize your branding, and use every part of the system right now.

In summary...

We proudly stand by everything we say about CoachAccountable's ability to help you run a better business and genuinely give your clients a better experience and better results.

We've got detailed lessons on how, and will gladly spend one-on-one time to help get you going.

You don’t have to take our word for it - here are our reviews.


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