Working in Teams - Shared Accomplishments, Community Support and Losing Tracks of Details (!) Not Anymore

Working as a team of coaches enables you to deliver more services to a broader client base. More services and more clients equals more to track, communicate, create, and potentially more to get lost between the cracks.

Organizing it all can quickly get out of hand and the management needed multiplies with each new coach and client. You need a system to track individual client details, and each coach's progress.

How can you support your coaches (without making it the ONLY thing you do) unless you know exactly what they’re achieving week to week? With CA it’s a quick task to get insight into how their relationships and work are progressing.

Each of your coaches can easily track and communicate with every client, and you can track the activity and progress of each coach. Not only will they perform better for their clients, which is good for the business overall, but you’ll know how to help them improve their skills and uplevel their own coaching.

Cobbling together software programs to manage it all is a recipe for disaster. Say goodbye to confusion, inadequate and untimely communication, missed appointments and other time wasting and money losing activities that multiply exponentially with every new coach and client you bring on.

You can support (and keep an eye on) your coaches and their clients. You’ll get improved results and you’ll have a big picture overview that keeps you informed, up-to-date and in control where needed.

Administrative oversight and transparent accountability

As team administrator you can setup both your coaches and clients, and pair them off appropriately. A given client can be setup to be coached by multiple coaches.

As coaching relationships progress your administrative oversight allows you to peek in at how things are going, and offer comments and input to either or both coach and client.

Setup whatever other team members and give them the exact right permissions with the system.

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Liz Kelly

“I was originally a support coach to help keep coachees accountable. We had a lot of moving parts we wanted to send out to people - recordings, worksheets, transcripts and it was getting out of control.

Now, I have two support coaches working under me. Using CoachAccountable I can track what each coach is doing with each client. By going in every week or two, I can send a prompt to the coach if I notice something and offer support.

It’s ridiculously easy to train new coaches. The last coach I brought on was blown away by how simple and powerful CoachAccountable is. We coach a lot of coaches and just about every single one is really interested in finding out more about using CoachAccountable. That speaks for itself.”

Liz Kelly, David Neagle, Just Believe Masterclass

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