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2019 Year In Review and Community Town Hall


01:21Highlights of What Got Added in 2019
14:37Feature Request Do's and Don'ts
29:57Implementing SMS Outside of North America
34:40There's No Need to Suffer In Silence
39:58Confidential to Would-be Acquirers of CA
41:40Getting Clients to See the Value of CA
50:27How can I contribute to CA, how can CA contribute to me?
What a delight 2019 has been! In this webinar we recap improvements made and have a community town hall, wherein I go deep on answering questions from CA users.

Fun fact: as a result of these community questions SMS functionality in the UK and Australia is now a thing, as are System Email Addresses for Groups. I daresay the system of feedback works. :)

The last section, How can I contribute to CA, how can CA contribute to me?, made a nice wrap up.

If you're wondering, CA can contribute to you by making your story more compelling, your offering easy to buy, your time count for more, and your results with clients better.

You can contribute to CA by letting us know what you want, letting us know if anything's janky, sharing your story, and spreading the love (happily enough, 3 out of 4 of these are pretty self-serving in their own right! :).

Thanks everyone for a great 2019, here's looking forward to the good stuff in store for you in 2020!

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