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2020 Year In Review and Community Town Hall


00:48Highlights of What Got Added in 2020
07:11Community Town Hall Q & A
22:45Process for implementing CA into your Practice
35:09CoachAccountable as a CRM
45:07On App Dashboards / a Contest
51:17A Shout Out to Would-be Acquirers of CA
55:13Looking ahead to 2021
2020's been quite a year, but CA moved significantly forward all the same. In our year-end review we recap improvements, introduce a contest for designing a dashboard, and have a community town hall, including the fielding of submitted questions and a spirited discussion on many topics.

An in-depth community open discussion begins at 56:20. Among other things we go deep into how CA handles prospective clients (1:11:32), with a nice account of how CA has markedly increased conversion rates starting at 1:20:18.

Like last year, a few more features and enhancements got added as a result of community feedback, and my thanks to all for weighing in. As a response to one question in particular I'm happy to share this guide to making a welcome video for new clients.

Here's looking forward to a powerful 2021!

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