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2021 Year in Review and Community Town Hall


00:58Challenging You to Do Better
06:52Highlights of What Got Added in 2021
12:48On This Year's Submitted Q & A
21:15A Tale of Humility
22:25Things We're Still Proud Of
24:17Looking Ahead to 2022
24:56Open Floor Community Town Hall
Goodness, is it that time of year already?

Another year in, another year of improvements and supporting y'all in doing great work. In our year-end review we recap improvements and have our usual community town hall, including a nod to what we've got in store for community gatherings in the new year.

One thing we talked about was the desire for a community of CoachAccountable users: a place where coaches can come in and learn, be part of a community, and also help others. And in that conversation we tipped our hat to reveal the newly launched CA Academy & Community.

If you're interested, we invite you to join!

Join the CA Academy & Community.

Here's looking forward to more of us doing our thing to empower you to do your thing in 2022!

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