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2021 Year in Review and Community Town Hall

Goodness, is it that time of year already?

Another year in, another year of improvements and supporting y'all in doing great work. In our year-end review we recap improvements and have our usual community town hall, including a nod to what we've got in store for community gatherings in the new year.

  • 00:58 - Challenging You to Do Better
  • 06:52 - Highlights of What Got Added in 2021
  • 12:48 - On This Year's Submitted Q & A
  • 21:15 - A Tale of Humility
  • 22:25 - Things We're Still Proud Of
  • 24:17 - Looking Ahead to 2022
  • 24:56 - Open Floor Community Town Hall

One thing we talked about was the desire for a community of CoachAccountable users: a place where coaches can come in and learn, be part of a community, and also help others. And in that conversation we tipped our hat to reveal the newly launched CA Academy & Community.

If you're interested, we invite you to join!

Join the CA Academy & Community.

Here's looking forward to more of us doing our thing to empower you to do your thing in 2022!

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